RJ Anderson puts new RZR to the test

We can’t ignore the hype of the latest RZR release, especially when a nicely crafted video with a talented and professional driver is put together to make you go “WANT!” UTV Underground stuck RJ Anderson in a new Polaris RZR 1000, affectionately short named the XP1K, and filmed him beating it up over some badass obstacles in an abandoned iron mine. RJ has been around since the beginning of the SxS racing mania and has won many a race in many a series. But enough talk, feast your eyeholes on this piece of candy, just don’t sell off your quads for one of these bad machines.

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WORCS adds Youth SXS classes for 2014

WORCS Racing Press Release – Youth SXS Classes Announced

SXS Racing for ALL AGES!!

YOUTH SXS racing comes to WORCS.
You have asked so we have answered. Below are the four youth classes we will be

* 600cc 13-16 Years old Stock
* 600cc 13-16 Years old Stock Production.
* 200cc 8-12 Years old Stock
* 200cc 8-12 Years old Stock Production

  • All of the safety mods will be the same for the youth racers as they are for the adults with NO waivers given.
  • The 600cc classes will run the full course. The 200cc will run the moto with a small off road section so we can see them all the time.
  • The classifications of Stock means only the safety modifications in the rules book will be allowed and Stock Production means the motors must remain stock but all other mods are allowed.

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Honda has a new SxS

If a Rzr and a Rhino had a baby it would be the late-to-the-game Honda Pioneer 700. Red, dump bed, belt driven…perfect for hauling dirt and hay bales. For people who passed up Rhinos and Gators and Mules just waiting for something red that wasn’t Honda’s Big Red, which has been discontinued from the lineup, you are in luck.

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