MyPakage Review

You may have heard us praise the glory that is MyPakage underwear. We’ve said things like, “super comfy” and “stylish” and a host of other descriptors – all true! But this is a long term review of their Weekend and Weekday shorts as well as their new offering of Pro Tights.

mypakage-protightFirstly, let’s cover the OG weekend and weekday. MyPakage’s chief draw (pun intended) is their keyhole technology. What’s that? It’s a pocket for your man keys. A soft, no stitching pocket that keeps you from having to ever make unsightly adjustments. Your woman will thank you for not embarrassing her in public. The keyhole snuggles your bits and keeps you from sticking, chafing, or otherwise being uncomfortable. The seams are all covered, so you never have to worry about irritation, and the material is called Modal. A super soft semi-synthetic that often comes from Beech trees. It’s a type of rayon, softer than cotton, resistant to shrinkage, and is supposed to be highly moisture wicking. After over a year of use, all the weekend and weekday pairs we have are still going strong and are as comfortable as ever.

Unfortunately, our original pairs of MyPakage have some pilling of the fabric, and some waistbands with waves in them when not being worn. However, no holes, and not stretched out. They still fit and they are still soft. We’re long-term testing some of their new designs, so can’t speak to them yet.

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