Quadcross Northwest returns to Horn Rapids

With solid turnout but uncooperative weather, riders at the 2nd and 3rd rounds of Quadcross Northwest were rewarded with a great track and challenging racing in all classes. Ruby Davis took the ProAm win on Saturday and then stuck around Sunday to try his hand at the Pro Class. Cody Irving had other obligations and was not at this round, while Phil Oppen raced both Pro Am Saturday and Pro Sunday, also having the fastest qualifying time. Jorie Williams made a last minute appearance and would go 2-1 for the overall. 

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Three Two Motorsports’ Bryan Martin expected to return

Totally un-awesome.
Totally un-awesome.

After suffering from a broken leg just weeks before the outdoor season was to begin, Bryan “Bmart” Martin missed racing the opening rounds of Quadcross Northwest, putting him in a bad place for the start of the season. Short after that, Bmart returned to the gym to prepare for the second round of Quadcross Northwest at Horn Rapids, though he was still on crutches and in a cast. “Bryan is pretty much the most manliest guy in here,” stated one gym goer who wished to stay anonymous, “He’s a beast. I think the secret has been his mustache.”

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Awesome Interview pt 2 with Bryan Martin

Bmart was relegated to announcing at the QXNW season opener this year.
Bmart was relegated to announcing at the QXNW season opener this year.

Yesterday we interviewed the first half of this duo of awesome, Curtis McNitt, and today we get the other half of Awesome Town to chime in on his take. Bryan Martin, a Northwest icon since even the early days of MX racing in the Northwest has grown to become a figurehead of shit-talking, PBR drinking, mustache-wielding badass on a quad and this year he was looking to get on the podium a bunch too. But a few weeks before the season started, he broke his leg. His awesome was undeterred and we get the scoop on it.

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Jeff Bays, Bryan Martin, and Megan Murray talk a little about Quadcross Northwest at Woodland, WORCS, and the Quad Mafia on this Quadcast. We’re a little rusty since we’re 6 months out of practice, but …

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Clark County pro vid

Diesel recaps the ATV racing at Clark county in the pro class. Check it out!

School’d with Three Two Motorsports

Well folks here it is. The second installment of School’d with ThreeTwo Motorsports. This time I’ll be talking about something very important to racing success. It is how to not be a little bitch. If you are a little bitch you’ll never win a race or anything else in life for that matter. Even if you do happen to win at something it is automatically null and void, because you’re a bitch.

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Straddleline Pro Race

As we are all getting ready for Washougal and the epic racing that is about to happen there this weekend, here is the Pro race from Straddleline. Phil Oppen took the win for the day followed by Cole Fite and Clay Forenpohar. As we enter the last round, Cody Irving is leading in points with the series all but wrapped up. We are expecting a large turnout and a few big names from down south to be out for Washougal, don’t miss it!

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