MyPakage Review

You may have heard us praise the glory that is MyPakage underwear. We’ve said things like, “super comfy” and “stylish” and a host of other descriptors – all true! But this is a long term review of their Weekend and Weekday shorts as well as their new offering of Pro Tights.

mypakage-protightFirstly, let’s cover the OG weekend and weekday. MyPakage’s chief draw (pun intended) is their keyhole technology. What’s that? It’s a pocket for your man keys. A soft, no stitching pocket that keeps you from having to ever make unsightly adjustments. Your woman will thank you for not embarrassing her in public. The keyhole snuggles your bits and keeps you from sticking, chafing, or otherwise being uncomfortable. The seams are all covered, so you never have to worry about irritation, and the material is called Modal. A super soft semi-synthetic that often comes from Beech trees. It’s a type of rayon, softer than cotton, resistant to shrinkage, and is supposed to be highly moisture wicking. After over a year of use, all the weekend and weekday pairs we have are still going strong and are as comfortable as ever.

Unfortunately, our original pairs of MyPakage have some pilling of the fabric, and some waistbands with waves in them when not being worn. However, no holes, and not stretched out. They still fit and they are still soft. We’re long-term testing some of their new designs, so can’t speak to them yet.

One of the things we adopted quickly, was the MyPakage Action Short. Originally designed for surfers who spend all day playing in salt water, the Action Shorts work amazing for any physical activity. This applies to the new Pro Tight as well – more on that later.

The Action Shorts are 100% hydrophobic – meaning they dry quickly, they wick moisture away from you to keep you dry and cool. Additionally, they feature anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to help keep the stank off. Top that off with a fabric that is form fitting and stretchy, but doesn’t get baggy or bunch up when wet AND all the comfort of the keyhole technology – pure gold. We have been vigorously testing a pair of Camo Action shorts for over a year now as well. The waistband has also got some waves in it these days, but the fit and function are still 100%. We tested them multiple times a week for workouts, and have many many hours on them for under riding gear. The keyhole tech and other properties of the MyPakage Action Short make them perfect for under riding gear. The Weekend and Weekday shorts are every day comfort for almost any activity. However, the Action shorts shine under action. They are specifically designed to perform and they do. Riding gear will make you sweaty almost no matter what you’re doing. MyPakage Action shorts keep your parts in their own chamber, off your legs, and swaddled in an environment that will keep them a drier and cooler than regular underwear. It’s why we are testing two new pairs. These are built for sports.

That brings us to the Pro Tight. MyPakage has a couple of different options for tights, including the ultra-PNW lumberjack classic red and black plaid. #Sexy. We opted for the performance tight which is the same material as the Action Shorts, but longer – full length to your ankle. These have added benefits of keeping you warm on cold days, cooler on warm days, they still wick moisture and they are still meant to be worn while you do kickass activities. We are LOVING these. So far after a few months, we’ve worn them at work (outside in low teens for temperature), worn them for workouts, worn them for running, worn them just because, and we are not sick whatsoever of them. Ultracomfortable, and they stay put – no riding up on your legs. Amazing.

While this review seems like a whole lot of white smoke to be blown, it’s not. We truly love our MyPakage underwear. Our only issue is that they are really expensive. We think they are worth it. We’ve had people get a pair and come back and buy several more pairs because they think they are worth it too. However, with a retail price of $25 for the Weekday pair, that can be a tough pill to swallow. But, while other brands might have the “cool” factor because they sponsor big names and they are generically more comfortable than the $15 for a 10 pack of drawers, those brands are not this comfortable. Those brands won’t be as durable or high performing. Those brands have all the flash, and not much to back it up. Dollar for dollar, MyPakage will beat out those other brands every time.


  • Patented comfort, unlike any other brand
  • Performance shorts are durable, functional, and stylish
  • No-itch seams
  • No seams near your important bits, for a more comfortable experience
  • Large waistband and no rub tags to complete the comfort experience


  • Expensive
  • Not as many color or pattern options as other brands
  • After a lot of use, pilling and some stretching of the waistband occurs
  • Weekend are a bit thick for summer use


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