Ryno Power New Protein Review

IMG_39000155249711Well folks you guys haven’t heard from me in a while, but much to your pleasure I have returned. This isn’t going to be like most of my previous articles. This time I am reviewing the new Ryno Power protein.

When my Ryno Power sponsor connect Marchon told me they were changing the chocolate protein powder I didn’t know what to think because I seriously loved the original formula. So I waited anxiously for the package to arrive with my new protein. When I got it, I noticed it was in a bag rather than a tub. Not sure if there is a benefit to this other than a sweet look, but I still dig it. 0 sugar and 27 grams of protein per serving and, as with all Ryno Power products, it is gluten and GMO free. Plus, it contains a lot of muscle-helping ingredients you won’t find in other protein powders. Check your labels.

Now down to the important part: taste and gains comparison. The only way to really describe the flavor versus the old formula is “different.” They are both chocolate and both delightful. As far as gains go, it is hard to give an accurate on track performance run down because I haven’t ridden since I have gotten this new formula. But in the gym the gains are out of control. I have recorded significant increases to my dead lift, squat and clean maxes and let me tell ya what – I was lifting heavy before. I am thinking of trying out for the Olympic power lifting team with this new Ryno Power protein formula.

In summary RP protein, new or old formula, has insane gains, awesome flavor, and 0 poison. Combine it with their Carbo Fuel post workout and you will most likely look like Hugh Jackman in a month or two. Maybe less.



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