Interview with #93 Tanner Gemperle

Tanner at Quadcross Northwest last August.

Tanner Gemperle has been one of the fastest, if not the fastest kid to come out of the Nor-Cal area in recent years. Ok, so it’s really Central California, but the guy is fast and you’ll be seeing him on the pro podium. Tanner has drive and heart, and doesn’t lack in skill or style. We caught up with Tanner for a few minutes to get his take on his Pro debut at the QuadX opener, and a little about his training and goals for this year. 

This year was your pro debut. How do you feel after the first round of QuadX? Was it what you expected?

After the first round of QuadX I have realized I have a lot of training and riding to do to run with the top pros at QuadX. It was exactly what I expected! Jumping from ProAm to the Pro class is a huge difference. The motos are about 10 minutes longer than last year’s motos in ProAm. Stamina is definitely my biggest struggle in racing.

Were you nervous at the first gate drop or was it business as usual? It’s got to be intimidating to line up with veteran pro riders like Nelson, Baron, Haagsma…

I can say I was a bit nervous for my first pro moto. It was hard for me to eat and get some water in me before the race. (My mom made sure I got something in my stomach [laughs]) After the gate dropped the adrenaline took over and it felt like just another race!

How did you prepare in the off-season to make the jump from Pro-Am to Pro motocross?

Prepare in the off season? I didn’t do much preparing at all. I was so busy going to school full time and working. I counted the times I have ridden since Glen Helen and it was only 7 times! In the valley here I don’t have many places to ride so its hard for me to to get seat time. The only training I can really do is go to the gym and work on cardio. I do plan on building a decent sized practice track in my back yard.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Cole Photo. Check out his galleries for more rad photos of bikes and quads.

My goals for 2013 are to stay healthy, consistent and finish top 5 in the pro class at QuadX.

Going into the next round of QuadX, are you making any changes in your program?

April 14th is the next round of QuadX. Right now I couldn’t think of any changes in my program. Just keep on doing what I have been doing. It seems to be going as planned. hoping to finish up my new race bike by then!


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