Quadcross Northwest

To get you pumped for the next round of Quadcross, we’re re-releasing the Woodland Pro video for you to watch (make sure to watch in HD)!

Round 2 (for Pros) and 3 &4 (amateurs) will take place this weekend at Horn Rapids MX (HRMC). With temperatures in the mid-70s on Saturday and mid-80s on Sunday, it’s going to be a great way to continue the season. Although there is always the chance of windy weather too. Quadcross NW is also offering free admission to people who turn in Supercross tickets, and I’m sure next year, they’ll be more diligent about scheduling so everyone complaining about how badly they wanted to watch the battle for 2nd place can do both next year. Also, bring your Pro riding friends out, because a full gate means an added $1000 to the purse!

Check out QuadcrossNW.com or find them on Facebook. And don’t forget, next weekend is our Toes Play Day!

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