Nor-Cal MX Racing Scene

In the past few years, due to poor economy and a lack of interest, the ATV racing scene in Northern California has basically ceased to exist. Lately, through hard work, determination and a LOT of begging track owners and race promoters, we (quads) have been allowed to run the CMC Golden State series, which is a dirt bike racing association that is giving quads a chance to ride and finally not have to travel tens of hours just to ride a decent track. A major part of us getting allowed back into the series was the work of Todd Bunker, the owner of Immortal ATV located in Soquel, CA. Todd Worked with the people running CMC and was the one who finally got the door open for us quads. Immortal ATV offers contingencies to the winners of each class and I must say they give away some cool stuff!

With the first two rounds of the series under our belts, I can say that quads are going to have a place at CMC’s races for the rest of this season and next season. With showings of 20+ quads at both rounds so far the racing has been fierce and we have pulled in thousands of dollars to CMC each race. As expected, however, there is still continued “quad bashing” from  dirtbikers in the pits and even the announcer! But that right now is the least of our worries, we are all just happy to be able to do what we love on the weekends again!

Sadly, these CMC races are the only time quads get any track time in Northern California except for a few far out POS quad tracks and OHV parks that have less than sub-par ATV tracks. There is a light on the horizon however, Jerrad Fisher, Owner of MMX racing has announced that quads will be able to ride the Sand Track at his facility the last saturday of every month. Jerrad has always been friendly to quads and with the 20+ quads at CMC he finally has the incentive to let us get some track time. This isnt much, but it’s a small step toward getting some time on MMX’s main track and maybe even some other MX tracks in Northern California.


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