Why YOUR support matters.

Take a quick 30 seconds and name the top 5 sponsors of the series you run. Actually, just name any 5. Could you do it without cheating? Ok. Now of all the series sponsors , from which have you purchased a product? Any? Here’s where there is a problem. Riders are not supporting the companies supporting their series. And yes, I’m looking at you ATV racers.

See all those sponsors supporting your racing? When was the last time you ordered from one of them or thanked them for keeping your series going?

“Well I pay gate and race fees,” is ringing out right now in some of your heads, justifying your position. “Racing is expensive enough already,” and of course it is. But, for example, when a goggle company sponsors your series and you aren’t under contract with another company, why wouldn’t you buy their goggles? “I don’t like the fit,” “they are too expensive,” “I don’t need new goggles right now.” Those are all legitimate reasons, but are you going to say that for EVERY SERIES SPONSOR? And the fact they are expensive is irrelevant. Save $5 on a competing company that isn’t supporting your chosen race series, and what incentive does any company have to support what you want to do?

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Megan grew up riding quads and got involved with the racing community in 2004, creating PitTraffic.com in 2005. A lifelong love of motorcycles keeps her involved, while her two small kids keep her very busy.

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