Catching up with Dillon Zimmerman

Photo by Seth Fargher
Photo by Seth Fargher

Dillon has had some incredible luck this year. Bad luck. But he did manage to get on the podium at WORCS once so far and is determined to get back on the box before the end of the year. We’re just hoping that whatever curse is on him gets lifted so he can battle it out up top and liven up the competition. The best seasons of racing are when anyone can take the W. We caught up with Dillon and got the inside line on his season and what to expect from him.

I don’t know if we could ask you questions without touching on the rough year you’ve had. It seems like race after race you’ve just had terrible luck. What’s the deal? Yes, I’ve had terrible luck this year! I wish I knew what the deal was but all my problems I’ve had this year have been small tricky problems. For example, this last race in Pala we had a battery issue. The bike ran great Friday and Saturday until, of course, on Sunday for the main event. The battery lost charge on the first lap. It has been a really tough year for me. It’s frustrating because I know I have the speed and I have all these great sponsors, I just need to get this bad luck away from me!

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Pont Du Vaux

There are a lucky few who can travel from the U.S. to France to participate in the Pont du Vaux. Doug Eichner was the first American to win this grueling endurance race and went on …

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Update with Josh Frederick

After the big fundraiser at Cahuilla, Josh has been at home trying to settle in. Josh discusses wheelies and a possible return to the sport, and gives us an update on blogging.

Josh “test driving” a Maverick before he left Colorado.

So, the biggest question we all have is: Do you like doing wheelies more or less now, and did you ever think you’d get bored with them? I do wheelies everyday. Just tryin’ to get through the house is like an obstacle course with all the kids’ toys. So I use wheelies to get over things. As far as just doing it for fun I don’t do much of that. The kids thought it was cool for about 30 seconds.

But in all seriousness, you did some intensive training while you were at Craig Hospital to ready you for your next adventure, and you seemed to excel at a lot of the challenges before you. What are you doing now that you are home to continue improving? You don’t have all the equipment the hospital does. To be honest, it has been a challenge since I got home and I haven’t done much. I am just trying to settle in. At Craig I had a schedule and they kept me extremely busy so you don’t think about much of anything but getting healthy enough to get home, then you get home and all you have is time to think and that can be a bad thing. It just all starts to settle in. I am very blessed. Through the foundation I was able to purchase all the equipment that I used at Craig I am just waiting for it to arrive. So I believe when it shows up I will get out of my rut and go to work!

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Quick 5 with Collins Webster

Many people recognize Collins Webster for his WORCS career. In 2007 he joined the series and in 2011 he decided it was more than just a hobby. He won the Pro-Am championship in 2011 and then followed it up last year with a 2nd in the championship run. He was also on the Can-Am team that claimed the Baja 1000 victory in 2012. Cweb started racing at 16 and claimed a BITD championship early with veteran desert and WORCS racer Cody Mitchell. Now, in 2013, Collins has stepped into the Pro class to prove his mettle at the highest rank. We caught up with him to get some quick answers about his career.

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Josh Frederick Hurt

I feel really reluctant to post this kind of thing. For one, this has been a bad year for the ATV community with so many losses already, and for two, it’s just really crappy news …

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