Interview with Dillon Zimmerman

Photo courtesy of GPS Offroad Products

How does it feel to finally shake off the gremlins and get a podium at the first round of WORCS? It feels really good to get on the podium at the first round of WORCS, now I just need to be consistent and stay focused and it should be a great year.

That red CanAm plastic seemed to house all the gremlins. Will you be sticking to yellow the rest of the year? Yes I went with red last year just to be different, but I guess my Can-Am wasn’t feeling the red, so we changed it back to yellow one race and I got on the podium. After that I said no more red!

What’s your plan of attack for the next rounds of WORCS to keep yourself on the box? My plan for the next WORCS race took place last week in the gym and on the bike. I just got to stay focused, keep pushing myself and take it one race at a time. Not to mention all the testing I have been doing with JRI shocks has helped a lot with how much longer I am able to ride race pace.

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The Josh Frederick Hour

Ok ok, we didn’t spend an hour with him, and it probably won’t take an hour to read this, but Josh Frederick took the time to answer some of our questions about his season. Josh Frederick has a long history of racing quads and has several titles to his record. He’s also an animal when it comes to whoops and rough terrain. We asked Josh 5 burning questions and here is what he had to say:

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