Tyler Nelson ATV Racing Report – QXNW Finale at Washougal

QXNW_Washougal354 Rounds 11&12 are in the books along with the 2015 Quadcross Northwest season. This was a great season for myself, after a year off I decided to make a change and made the switch to the YFZ450R. As it turned out this was a great decision since this was my first season I’ve been able to finish since I started racing quads in 2010, so I’m calling 2015 my rookie season!

The week leading up to this weekend was pretty rough, my quad had to be torn apart and the parts I needed were waiting for me at Washougal so I wasn’t going to be able to get it fixed until late Friday night. I loaded the bike up in pieces Friday morning and was just about ready to leave when I got a phone call about a family issue which held me up and I wasn’t able to leave until much later than I had planned. I ended up heading down to Washougal by myself and battled heavy traffic the whole way down. I got there after dark on Friday, tracked down the parts I needed to put the quad back together and didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Woke up Saturday morning signed up and went to the line for first practice with my alignment barely good enough to ride. It had been 3 years since I had been to Washougal and the last time I was there my quad blew up so I had almost no time under my belt on the track and it took me a while to get in the groove. Second practice went a lot better and I felt ready for moto one.

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Back in the NW: Albany Race Report

With all the signs pointing towards us not being able to make it to the Albany round of QuadcrossNW, we never even opened the back of the trailer to look at the bikes when we got home from nationals. I unloaded everything from the last 5 months out of the rv so that we would have the food, clothes, dishes, and such back in the house. Phil ended up being able to make it back home from work, be we were totally up prepared. He had to get power working on the trailer/RV again because he had pulled the generator … Read more

Join Us at the Quadcross & Code Green Event Sept. 12

September 12th and 13th at Washougal will be the series finale of Quadcross Northwest’s 2015 season. Come wearing green for suicide awareness. We will be honoring two of our fallen community members, Joe Green and Troy Oestreich, whom we lost to suicides. ¬†This is a great event to come to for various reasons: ATV racing on the nationally reknowned Washougal MX track – the same track our favorite bikes race on in July. PD Mokry, from I AM ATV MOTOCROSS, is coming to film. If you can help with expenses, hit this link:¬†http://www.gofundme.com/qxnwvid 2nd Annual Pit Traffic Potluck is happening … Read more

Rainier Flat Track Races and Parade—This Saturday August 22nd!

Hi Everyone!  We are back to Racing in Rainier this weekend!  The Summer is slowly slipping away.  We will race on Saturday and then the final Race is on September 19th!

This Saturday, August 22nd, is our 2nd to last Race of the Season!  There also is the Rainier Round Up Parade in the Morning.  If you would like to be a part of the Parade, then you will want to meet Danny outside the front gate at 10am.  Everyone is welcome to participate on either their race bikes, quads, bicycles, cars, walking, etc.!  Just a reminder that all kids MUST be wearing a helmet.  This has always been a fun event in the past, so hope you all will join us again this year!

Gates Open: 8am
Sign-Up: Noon-3:30pm (Call Amy at 425-314-2744 if you will be late for signup so you don’t have to start your heat on the 2nd row)
Practice: 1pm-4pm
Racing: 4:30pm


We look forward to seeing you
all out at the track on Saturday!  Please let me know if you have any
questions.  As always, www.dandwracing.com for more information

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Things We Like

We are heading into Fall, back to school (or braaaap to school), and the sponsorship season. A lot of stress! So, let’s take a minute to talk about some things we are liking around the office that are low-stress. Just click to view or purchase on Amazon.
What’s this device? Only an amazing tool you’ll want for your car, truck, camper, or trailer. Charge your phone, your ipod, your car? Yes. Yes. Yes. ¬†This handy device boasts a ton of features including:

Portable battery charger with charging adapters for all major electronic devices.
Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection.
Compact car jump starter that can jump start your car 20 times on a full charge – Increased power for cold weather starting. 20 times! That’s insane!

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Oregon Closes State Forests to Prevent Fires

The Oregon Department of Forestry released the following statement via Facebook on August 17, 2015. Public Use Restrictions change tomorrow, August 18, in northwest Oregon on the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests, as well as the BLM lands that ODF protects in northwest Oregon. Among those changes, in the Tillamook State Forest, the OHV Trails in the Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, Diamond Mill, and Trask, as well as the BLM Upper Nestucca, OHV Areas will CLOSE, with OHV operation limited to travel on maintained gravel roads only. In the Clatsop State Forest, all OHV trails in the Nicolai Mountain OHV … Read more

Go Green! Potluck, Fundraiser, All Around Good Time September 12-13th

Please join us September 12th and 13th for the Go Green Memorial Fundraiser at the final rounds of Quadcross Northwest taking place at Washougal MX. Enjoy spectacular ATV racing during the day, and join us Saturday night for a potluck, raffle, and silent auction. We’re raising money for the Code Green Campaign. Important info: Potluck Sign Up (work in progress):¬†goo.gl/vqsK4F Last Name: Brown Password: 91215 (event date) Facebook Event page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/942919755774316/ Purchase a green item (percentage of sales goes to Code Green):¬†http://pittraffic.com/mag/product/memorial-sweatshirt/¬†http://pittraffic.com/mag/product/memorial-tshirt/ Quadcross Northwest: http://www.quadcrossnw.com Code Green Campaign: Codegreencampaign.org Download the flyer:¬†Washougal15-flyersm If you have something you would like to contributeor … Read more

Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report: Australian Finke Desert Race

2015 Australian Tatts Finke Desert Race, Alice Springs, Australia

This race became a BIG undertaking for me, with making the¬†decision to go race and have an epic vacation with my now, fianc√©e Rachel, it¬†was going to take a lot of preparation to do this. I started by contacting the¬†owner of The Quad Squad Australia, Adam¬†Siemensma to see¬†if I could use his quad for Finke. He obliged and the work began. I started to¬†fund raise by giveaways from my awesome sponsors, gofundme page, selling¬†advertising space on my t-shirts, selling the t-shirts, and by helping my¬†parents sell their condo to make the rest of the cash. I sent my suspension,¬†wheels/tires, gear and a camping setup for Rachel and I to Australia. Thanks to¬†Fasst Company for helping me get it shipped away. I employed my now friend,¬†Cade Cowdin (owner of Official Strength in St. George), to help me get the¬†physical and mental strength to 100%. It was literally a transformation for me;¬†I have never been that mobile, fast, powerful and strong in my life. I knew in¬†my mind that no one was working harder in the gym than me and I know it would¬†translate when it got tough out there. Sam at Dirt Fiend Racing brought back¬†the popular ‚ÄúTank‚ÄĚ graphics kit to represent America. I was ready to get down¬†to the Outback mate!¬† I have to thank¬†everyone that helped me get to this race and fulfill a dream. You don‚Äôt know¬†how much it meant to me to try to win and represent for the USA!

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Hannegan Speedway Flat Track

Hi All! I wanted to send on some information I received about Flat Track at Hannegan Speedway.¬† I would encourage you all to check it out, and give this track support.¬† With Castle Rock off to a rocky start and cancelling races, this is really the only other local track available other than Rainier to get some seat time on and do some Racing.¬† Hannegan has been around for many years, and they are hoping to keep the tradition of Flat Track alive there! Their website is: www.hanneganspeedway.us I have attached the flyer as well.¬† Their Pro Purses are continuing … Read more

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