Daytona ATVSX Winner John Natalie School Comes to Idaho for EMF Days

Get trained by Daytona SX winner and multi-time champion John Natalie at EMF Days this April in Burley, ID. April 4th and 5th there will be racing, open practices for quads, SxS, and bikes, movies, food, camping and a John Natalie riding school. Bikes are welcome to attend the event, and bike classes will be added as necessary. The Natalie class will take place Friday April 3rd, registration for all ages/skill levels below. Space is limited!

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Where to Ride This Winter

Practicing during the off season can be a great way to continue progressing and getting things dialed in. Seat time is essential to perfecting your craft, and hours at the track can be fun and relaxing if you can meet up with a few of your good friends. This is also a great time to try to set up your quad or get back into the rhythm following breakage of you or your machine. Unfortunately, finding a place to ride can be difficult as some tracks close up for the season. Luckily, for riders in the North West, Pit Traffic has you covered.

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Joe Byrd School – Iron Mine Race updates

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Darci Hansen takes a minute to clarify and update the information on the Joe Byrd school and JFred benefit racing at Iron Mine:

Specific school times:

  • Gates Open Wed Night, 5pm
  • School Starts Thurs 10am (Joe will run you until 5-6pm)
  • School Ends Friday (between 5-6pm)
 Enduro Blast kicks off with an ATV / UTV Rodeo at 7pm on Friday night
 Note: Joe will start Friday’s school between 8-9 Friday, depending on how tired you are.

I wanted to take just a moment to clear up the possible confusion regarding the Joe Byrd School.Please know that when dates were being tossed around, we were looking for the optimum time to provide this opportunity… the biggest request was to wait until most of the racing seasons were over. Thus, the final date we selected.

When we selected that date, I thought it would be a brilliant (to be determined) idea to bring to fruition a combination style race

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Iron Mine’s Josh Frederick Benefit and Joe Byrd School Oct 17-19

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Benefit race for Josh Frederick immediately after a Joe Byrd ride school at Utah’s Iron Mine Race Park!  “For those who attend Joe’s school, we will comp your dry camping, your gate fees, AND one race entry!” – Darci Hansen, Iron Mine promoter.

Joe Byrd’s famous schools will teach you plenty to apply at the race. Classes for ATVs & UTVs including Quad MX, GP (with bike classes), and a Dusk to Dust race for the Side by Side guys. The proceeds from the race benefit the Josh Frederick Foundation.

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Gifted Productions’ latest Quad Sesh vid ft. the ladies

Gifted Productions has been hard at work, organizing more sessions (including a possible quad race at Hangtown – more details later as they become available), getting riders’ some track time in the Nor-Cal area as well as filming it and editing it. The latest vid is a nod to the ladies in the area who put in the laps too. No fist-pump-to-near-death here. Just some solid riders burning laps. Check it out.

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Why YOUR support matters.

Take a quick 30 seconds and name the top 5 sponsors of the series you run. Actually, just name any 5. Could you do it without cheating? Ok. Now of all the series sponsors , from which have you purchased a product? Any? Here’s where there is a problem. Riders are not supporting the companies supporting their series. And yes, I’m looking at you ATV racers.

See all those sponsors supporting your racing? When was the last time you ordered from one of them or thanked them for keeping your series going?

“Well I pay gate and race fees,” is ringing out right now in some of your heads, justifying your position. “Racing is expensive enough already,” and of course it is. But, for example, when a goggle company sponsors your series and you aren’t under contract with another company, why wouldn’t you buy their goggles? “I don’t like the fit,” “they are too expensive,” “I don’t need new goggles right now.” Those are all legitimate reasons, but are you going to say that for EVERY SERIES SPONSOR? And the fact they are expensive is irrelevant. Save $5 on a competing company that isn’t supporting your chosen race series, and what incentive does any company have to support what you want to do?

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