Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report: Australian Finke Desert Race

2015 Australian Tatts Finke Desert Race, Alice Springs, Australia

This race became a BIG undertaking for me, with making the decision to go race and have an epic vacation with my now, fiancée Rachel, it was going to take a lot of preparation to do this. I started by contacting the owner of The Quad Squad Australia, Adam Siemensma to see if I could use his quad for Finke. He obliged and the work began. I started to fund raise by giveaways from my awesome sponsors, gofundme page, selling advertising space on my t-shirts, selling the t-shirts, and by helping my parents sell their condo to make the rest of the cash. I sent my suspension, wheels/tires, gear and a camping setup for Rachel and I to Australia. Thanks to Fasst Company for helping me get it shipped away. I employed my now friend, Cade Cowdin (owner of Official Strength in St. George), to help me get the physical and mental strength to 100%. It was literally a transformation for me; I have never been that mobile, fast, powerful and strong in my life. I knew in my mind that no one was working harder in the gym than me and I know it would translate when it got tough out there. Sam at Dirt Fiend Racing brought back the popular “Tank” graphics kit to represent America. I was ready to get down to the Outback mate!  I have to thank everyone that helped me get to this race and fulfill a dream. You don’t know how much it meant to me to try to win and represent for the USA!

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Colt Brinkerhoff AMA National Hare and Hound Race Report Round 2

AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 2 Checkers 2015


Barstow, CA 2/22/2015- Man, I was excited to see this new venue, only racing NHHA for a few years; I never had the chance to race in Barstow. It hosts some of the gnarliest terrain on the west coast with multiple “SCORE” roads, very rocky and not a lot of places to pass on the virgin parts of the course. I had the “Rat Rod” prepped and ready for battle in the high California desert. I had the engine redone after the first race along with changing my Elka Suspension around a bit. The quad was amazing!  As a Massachusetts native would say “My Moto Xperts/Hot Cams/Hot Rod/Cylinder Works/Vertex Piston TRX engine is a rippa!” I also, have to thank Jay at Impact Solutions for dialing in my Elkas, they worked really hard for me to make them the best they can be. Did some shock tuning with Alex and James Ortiz out at their house had a lot of laughs and got my quad working great.

I ended up driving down by myself to pick up some race fuel from RSI and my main man Jay Young of Team True Racing delivering it to Skyler and I. That was a huge help to both of our programs so thanks to them. I had to stop several times on the way as I was having some stomach issues early on, I felt like Harry Dunn (Dumb and Dumber) when Lloyd pours him some “superlax”….Haha! I had finally made it to the race site and settled in. My girlfriend
Rachel and her dad showed up shortly after. We got everything ready and rode a couple times to give the quads a shake down. I did some minor changes to the shocks and they were better than ever. I was Dungey pumped!

 Race Day:

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Colt Brinkerhoff AMA National Hare and Hound Pro ATV Race Report

10929013_740881879323130_397787639977950813_n1AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 1 DMC 2015

Lucerne, CA

Oh boy, where do I begin with this race? The week of the race, I was still waiting on important parts for my new “Rat Rod” theme race quad build. I had my buddies, President and Vice President of Fasst Company coming through to help me with it, I would have been screwed without them! Big thanks to my girlfriend Rachel for keeping me sane on those late nights helped more than she knew. It was rough only getting a total of six hours of sleep in 2 days; I probably looked like Silas Roberts by the end of it all… Hey Jack! The Rat Rod turned out sick and everybody liked it! It received over 20,000 likes from regrams and sharing on the web, so yeah, Great Success!

I loaded up Friday morning around 3AM to get to my Dirt Wheels photo shoot with the main editor Cain Smead. I was rocking out to some hardcore stuff (Taylor Swift’s “1989” album) to stay awake. I made it an hour early and caught up on some sleep, I had my trusty 1911 with me just in case a drifter stopped by to try and get fresh… Cain and the boys showed up and we shot for a couple hours. I can’t wait, it sounds like we got the cover for the May issue of Dirt Wheels! I headed on down the road to the race site and get some sleep. After a 12 hour sleeping period, I woke up and did some testing and double check everything on the quad. I was satisfied with everything and got ready for the ever impending battle on Sunday.

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Searchlight Race Report

<![if !vml]>AZOPlogoFinal]<![endif]>Arizona Off Road Promotions teams up with SGPRA for the 17th annual Searchlight GP in Searchlight, NV



Searchlight, NV (11/9/2014) – The Arizona Off Road Promotions series headed out of state to co-promote the 17th Annual Searchlight GP last weekend.  The Searchlight GP is one of the last true GP’s left.  The race course is the most unique course most racers will ever see.  The course varies from motocross to desert hills to asphalt streets to backyards, garages and even a house!  Many locals come out to watch the racing along the streets and neighborhoods.  This year’s race had over 230 entries.

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Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report Final Round of National Hare and Hound

Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report
AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 10 100 MC’s

Lucerne, CA – I was really excited to head down to the 7th layer of hell, Lucerne.Skyler and I loaded up from Fasst Company HQ in Washington, UT andjetted to Cali. I always hear that Biggie Smalls song Going back to Cali” thumpin in my head on race weekends, it’s a good feeling. We arrived late, spoke the Blais crew and hit the hay. I stayed on the floor of the van and it felt like I was sharing a bunk in prison cell. My head was in cubby hole, I had about 4×4 of room and I have a big head, so this was really comfy. I woke up around 4AM to take a leak. As I was doing so, I heard a pack of coyote’s to my back howling into the night. It was unsettling like eating a Chipotle burrito so I got back in the van and shut the door. We awoke to a great day for some testing, low winds and great temps reaching into the high 70’s. I got the quad all dialed in with the help of Chris Blais and had a good time chatting it up with everyone. The wind came and it was a disaster for a bit trying to get the kids some candy and hot dogs provided by Patty Blais. Everyone had a great time and we headed for bed. Knowing I had the championship wrapped up, I slept easy.

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Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report and 2014 AMA National Hare and Hound Championship Announcement

Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report

AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 8 Silver State Trail Blazers 2014

Panaca, NV

photo-2-9I was so stoked to race a National again after a long summer break. I raced multiple MRAN Night Races along with the BITD Vegas to Reno with my teammate Cody Mitchell. We ended up winning the Night Race Series Championship but losing Vegas to Reno after a long fight with small issues plaguing our race.

After losing that race, along with the DNF in Utah and taking 4th the round before; I was hungrier than ever for a win! I was a little behind and a little stressed out waiting for the head of my engine to arrive from Moto X-Perts. I sent it into Toby for a service and a few more go fast parts. I received it Wednesday and not being too confident in putting my new Vertex piston in, I called on my buddy Tracon Kirk to come over and help. He put the piston in and cylinder on along with helping with the front Tire Blocks installation. I said it was cool for him to go as I left the head back at the office and needed to go get it. I then called Bundy Inc. (Bryon Bundy) to help me finish buttoning it up so I could try to get decent sleep that night. Everything was going well until I tried to turn the engine over with an allen wrench and it locked up on me. I’m sure the look on my face was one of pure enjoyment, like I wanted to punch an elderly man in the lips. So, we messed with it a little longer and called it a night.

Skyler Howes came in and installed my new Dirt Fiend Racing “Tank” Graphics, which he did a great job on! I called Tracon up and I headed over to his dad Brent Kirk’s shop so he could fix my glorious “F” up. We found out the cam chain was basically in a knot and had a new one installed in no time flat. I felt as accomplished as the Obama administration as I failed to put my engine together correctly or efficiently. I couldn’t have done it without the Kirk family’s help! I loaded up, and pinned it to Pioche where I would stay with my girlfriend Rachel Bosemer and her family for the night.

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EWDRA Spring Hare Scramble

EWDRA_14Spring71The Eastern Washington Dirt Riders Association put on their annual Spring Hare Scramble this past weekend at Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex in Richland, Washington. The race, which has been going on for almost 30 years, is a NW classic for bikes and quads.

Temperatures were in the high 30s and low 40s for most of the day making racers a little chilly for the start. Racers line up their quads, they stand about 30 feet behind them. When the start signal goes off, racers must run to their quads, start them, and take off down the drag strip. This creates a slight advantage for electric start quads. This year’s course utilized most of Horn Rapid’s MX track and much of the complex’s off road trails as well. Racers can opt for 2 or 4 laps of approximately 11 miles.

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