Rain Rain Go Away – Race Report from UGMX

Rain rain go away 2nd moto wants a sunny day! Round 2 of the ATV Nationals at Underground MX in Kemp, TX brought us a over night storm between motos 1 and 2 yet again. This time the motos continued as planned, with only a short 15 min delay due to some track clean off.

I’m not butt hurt about the rain though. No, I am literally butt hurt from a get off I had about a week and half prior to this round, that landed me square on my booty. Due to some spider fractures and torn muscles, this race report will only cover the guys in my life. They’re the real talent anyway, right?

This was the first time the ATV Nationals had been back to Texas in many years. With a lot of promotion from the local series TQRA and LSQR, there where around 530 entries! With those numbers, Saturday’s moto 1 races had a hand full of classes with enough entries to require qualifying heats. Both Phil and Kellen had to run heat races to qualify for moto 2.

Kellen, with a dead last start into the first turn, quickly made 6 passes before the first lap, and pulled a 2nd in his heat race for the 70 Auto class. Next day on moto 2 he was, once again, last going into turn one. He brought himself up from 16th to 8th in lap one, gained some ground and made a pass for 7th on lap 3, and had a exciting finish as he nearly passes for 6th in the whoops at the finish line. 4th overall in the 70 Auto, and he’s learning that hole shots really make a difference. He can’t wait and pick everyone off like he is use to when racing with the best of the best.

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Williams/Oppen Race Report AMA Rd 1

Home to Lizella, GA

On Wednesday, March 18th, around 6pm, we got the word that we had a donation for the fuel to get us from Portland, OR to the first round of the AMA ATV Motocross Championship in Lizella, GA. We scrambled to load up, headed out of the driveway at 10pm, and made it to the track in Georgia early Saturday morning the day of racing. We were all tired from the non stop driving (except gas and potty breaks) for 56 hrs.

That whole morning was RUSH RUSH RUSH to sign up, get transponders, find out when our practice was, unload the bikes, get geared up, and hustle over to our THREE lap practice. Apprently that is all you get on Saturday, and Sunday you get two laps. The track is a sand track so by practice #3 the track was already extremely beat up with ruts swing arm deep. The minis could hardly make it through the things. They even had to do bits of track work before each of the mini motos.

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Race Therapy – Part 3

Chris’ new 250 Hybrid. He needs graphics and a few parts yet!

We interviewed Chris Furches about his racing this year. Chris is the reigning indoor champion that just clinched his second title with a 61 point lead over second place and he won 9 out of the 12 rounds. Many of the races had full gates, so it was very challenging. He just got a Hybrid 450 to begin his practice toward racing it. That involves learning to shift, and control the power on it, and it’s something Chris is both frustrated by, and loves.  Racing has had such a profound effect on Chris. It truly is his therapy (read parts 1 or 2 here and here). Autism can have symptoms like sensitivity to sound, noise, or the way something looks or feels. Chris had a terrible time with both noise and being dirty or wet. He used to wear ear plugs and his helmet at the track to deaden the sound of the engines. Not only does he not have to wear earplugs any more, he has learned to cope with mud and water through racing. At the track is where Chris shines (though he is getting excellent grades in school). He can socialize with other racers, he can do what he love, and all the while, learning new things to help him outside of racing. ” We are so proud of him,” said his mom, Stephanie, “He made my day yesterday. He looked up into the stands searched with his eyes to find me, then waved. That has never happened!”

While Autism is still being researched, and there’s a lot left to be known, it is certain that people afflicted with it are special. They are caring, they are smart, they are dedicated to what appeals to them, and while they have their struggles they certainly have their victories too. Here’s what Chris had to say about his racing (with a little interpretation in brackets by mom):

What’s your favorite part about riding?
Jumping is my favorite because I like going far and getting air. My heart feels good!

Can you tell us what it feels like when you are on the line, waiting for 
the gate to drop?
I’m excited and ready and everything feels good.
What are your racing goals for this year?
Learn to race a big quad, place top 3 in my national classes, win [repeat] local and regional championships, start racing in a big quad class, & help others like me to race.

Do you like riding the 450? How is it different than your mini quad?
OH YEAH! The sound, the shifting, the speed, and power. It’s bigger too.

What’s the best part about going racing?

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Maxxis Celebrates 10th Year as Title Sponsor of NEATV-MX Series

From: Maxxis International
Dept: Marketing Department
Date: 2.11.2015
Re: Maxxis Celebrates 10th Year as Title Sponsor of NEATV-MX Series

For the tenth consecutive year, Maxxis will be the title sponsor of the NEATV-MX series. Set in the Northeast U.S., this exciting series runs from April through September. Fans in the region are getting ready to cheer ten rounds of motocross and seven rounds of cross country from the series in 2015.

NEATV-MX President Howard Payne praised the company’s support of the series: “Maxxis is a true leader in the industry; they have been with us as a sponsor since 2003, and became the title sponsor some years later. They have been the main reason NEATV can continue to support the growth of the sport in both motocross and cross country ATV racing.”

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New Off-Road Racing Series

Crossroad Racing Series to Debut


New Motorcycle & ATV Off-Rad Racing Series


Greencastle, IN (1/22/2015) – Crossroads Racing Series is a new off-road Racing Series that will hold motorcycle and ATV races in Indiana. The track design will range from 3.5 miles to 5.5 miles in length and will consist of a hybrid mixture of cross-country, motocross, grand prix, and endurocross sections. Although this racing format is the best of each racing discipline, the racing format will follow a traditional cross-country style event.

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Race Therapy – part 2

Tim  Furches started racing ATVs in 1985. He was introduced to the sport of ATV MX & TT racing by his boss and his best friend. He raced at both the local and national levels. Tim and Stephanie, who  always had an interest in motorcycles and ATVs but was never introduced to them, met in March of 1994.  Tim had his 1987 Honda 250X in the back of the truck the very first time they met. Over the next couple of weeks Stephanie because engrossed with it. She quickly learned to shift and ride his quad. They married in October 1994. Racing was hard because they only had one quad. Tim continued to race locally and for the nationals both Tim and Stephanie were able to race. Then in the Fall of 1995 they made a tough decision. Stephanie raced a Poker Run where she wrecked and was seriously injured. “It affected us in many ways and we both made the decision to hang it all up,” Stephanie said. Now, they are back in the family as they support their son Chris’ career. Chris has autism, and you can read part 1 of this story here.

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Race Therapy – part 1

10303938_10204138367693534_3688058327659331020_nChris Furches, a freshman, 15, and an accomplished motocross racer indoors and out. At the age of ten, Chris got his first ATV. It was a gift from his grandparents and it was obvious he was a natural talent on it. A year later he saw his first MX race and asked if he could try racing. On August 23, 2010 Chris lined up for his first race. He raced the rest of the season, finishing 5th in points and that same year his parents bought him his first race quad, an Apex 90. It was obvious to his parents that Chris loved racing. The new sport brought a lot of great things to their lives, and some new challenges. This freshman in high school, hailing from Tennesee’s oldest town, is typical teenager in many ways and atypical in one very certain way. Chris has Asbergers, a type of Autism.

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Slightly Bent Racing Round 10 Race Report

New Berlin, NY ~ The summer break is over, cooler weather is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than a GNCC race at the famed Unadilla Raceway.  Since it’s debut in 2005, “The Dilla” has been a must race track for our riders and this year proved to be just as spectacular with almost 420 quads signed up in the morning race alone.  The fans in New York always provide a great atmosphere for racing and if you are ever looking for the chance to get out of the woods and into the air, this is the place to do it.

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For Immediate Release: JRi Shocks UTV racers win Heartland Challenge.

Mooresville, North Carolina (8/18/14) JRi Shocks backed Marcus and

Mouse Pratt piloted their Jack’s Excavating/Can-Am Maverick to the overall win in the open production class at the 2014 Heartland Challenge.  The Heartland Challenge is quickly gaining momentum as one of the premier, stand alone side by side races in the country, with attendees traveling from all over the country to compete in the four hour endurance race.

The unique format of the race can truly test the limits of both man and machine.  Racers compete for two hours in the daylight and two hours in the dark as they make their way around a largely, tight, wooded course intermixed with a motocross section as well as the Racertech UTV Challenge section littered with tires, rocks and downed telephone poles.

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Tyler Hamrick Race Report

Going into Briar Cliff Tyler Hamrick had high hopes for a stellar weekend and he did just that. Since Hamrick was 10th in last years pro point standings he had the opportunity of being placed on the Moto Tees event t shirt for Briar Cliff’s inaugural ATVA National. This was huge being that the race was in Ohio and lots of Tyler’s family and friends were in attendance. Saturday morning he hit the track for Pro timed Qualifying and ended up 9th not far off the top pros times.

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