Race Fuel: Supercharged Chocolate Pancakes

This recipe makes about 6 three inch pancakes. As you can see, I already ate three. Please excuse my weeds.

I’ve been on a pancake kick. I’ll admit it. But they stick with me through the day and since I’ve had a sweet tooth lately, they help me curb it without getting too devour-all-candy-in-sight crazy. Plus, I can make this recipe for 1 or double it easily for 2. And so on and so forth. So what are supercharged pancakes? Read on.

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Race Fuel: Protein Pancakes

This easy recipe is a great way to fuel your body. It isn’t going to satisfy that buttermilk pancake with too much butter and syrup and jam craving you’ve been having, but save those for your cheat day and eat these instead.

This recipe is for 2 people, or one really hungry person.

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