Schooled with Three Two Motorsports – Keys to the Race

Bmart riding schools.

Well folks it’s that time. Time for another article of Schooled with Three Two Motorsports very own BMart. In this installment we will be talking about the keys to the race. You know the crap that Emig and Carmichael always say on Speed before the start of a race? You shouldn’t listen to them anyway. Neither of them know a thing about winning and getting a good start and putting in consistent fast laps. They are kind of  “No shit, Dick Tracy” helpful hints anyway. Mine will help you be more stylish for sure and possibly faster. Not sure on how that one will work out yet. So folks here we go:

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Choosing a helmet? Read this first:

Klim helmets are Snell certified!

Racing seasons are winding down, Christmas is coming, and all the new 2013 gear is on its way into stores for you to purchase. Many of you might be considering getting a new helmet this year, which is great. Your head is the most important thing you own and you should take care of it. Helmets come in a variety of styles, colors, and prices which give a lot of options to consumers. One option riders shouldn’t overlook is the little sticker on the helmet that denotes it meets Snell certifications. Snell destroys thousands of helmets. Thousands of helmets. That’s to ensure that the one thing between your most valuable asset and sudden impact is doing its job – your helmet.

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Sponsorship Do’s and Don’ts

We are in the middle of sponsorship season, where riders are on the hunt for support for the following year to continue doing what they love. Companies’ sponsorship coordinators are avoiding Facebook messages and warily watching the stack of resume-filled envelopes pile up on their desks, while their inboxes steadily grow and their caffeine source slowly diminishes. If you still have resumes to send out you need to do two things. 1) Inquire about our resume services here at Pit Traffic, and 2) read these do’s and don’t from a guy who knows!

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Getting Started with Training for Moto.

From my experience, I feel that a good base is important when it comes to your cardio. Meaning that you should have do some something that gets your heart rate up around the 130-140 BPM mark for a half an hour to an hour several times a week for at least a couple of weeks to a month. Depending on what you have available to you, you can take a relatively easy jog, bicycle ride or work out on a rowing machine to accomplish this. These workouts are fairly easy but help for your recovery once you start ramping your training up.

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Get the Holeshot – Tips from Phil Oppen

Phil’s monster holeshot at Albany. Photo by Miranda Williams

Phil Oppen has a mean holeshot, and everyone knows holeshots give you an undeniable advantage – you’re out front first and if people are going to get around you, they are going to have to work for it. Having a clear field in front of you makes turning faster laps a breeze! Here are some tips from Phil so you can get yourself out front first.

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Putting on the Steezy with Bryan Martin

Ok folks, we are here to do the first ever BMart Riding School article. When Megan came to me asking me to do this, I couldn’t say no simply because of how important this is – not only in racing but in all quad riding. I’m talking about riding with style. Keeping it steezy out on the race track or trails or dunes on your quad is huge because that is what people will see when you post photos on Facebook. Not the results or any of that useless bull. The local girls that you’re going to be trying to hook up with I gurantee will be scoping all your pics on Facebook.

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