Honda TRX450R Build from Ryan Waldo


This bike was built for use in the Quad X Pro Class and WORCS Pro-Am and Production A classes. Nothing was left untouched and the attention to detail on the bike is crazy. My dad Bob Waldo put the most time in on the build and I cannot thank him enough for all that he does for my racing. The motor was left mild for the reliability needed in the hour and a half WORCS races and Rob Golden builds the best motor I have ever ridden hands down so I’d like to thank him as well. The components on this bike are courtesy of my awesome sponsors and are the best in the industry. Thank you to everyone involved and I can’t wait to get this thing dirty!

2015 Sponsors: Mom & Dad, Pit Traffic, Lonestar Racing, Maxxis Tires, Moose Racing, Golden Motorsports, Spider Graphix, Goldspeed, Sunstar, Just 1 Helmets, Elka Suspension, Powermadd, Maxima Oils, Uni, Fasst Co, AME Grips, Hinson, Dasa Racing, Fourwerx Carbon, EKS Brand Goggles, Galfer, Rynopower, IMS, Moto Hose, Atlas Brace, VGR

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KTM 450 sx Build from Jesse Milbrath

Jesse Milbrath made the switch from Suzuki to KTM for last year and heads into 2015 on his mean orange machine. Jesse tells us a little bit about his ride here. Stay tuned for an interview with Jesse next week, where he tells us about his plans for 2015.

Summary: I built this bike strictly for motocross. The performance end of this bike is unreal, its a monster! I love everything about it! Most of the wrench turning is between my dad, brother, and me. Occasionally I will call other experts for help like Rich Moore or Casey Streepy.


2009 KTM 450 sx

Motor built by: Rage ATV Racing

Cylinder/Head: Bored head, stock cylinder

Bore/Stroke: Stock

Cam: Webcams

Piston: Wiseco

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2014 Yamaha YFZ450R

Borrowed from

Check out the release video! Assembled in the USA (Georgia) the new YFZR features some cool redesigned features and some ready-to-race components (including Maxxis tires right out of the box 21s and 20s). It comes in a standard Yamaha blue and white color scheme which looks pretty nice and a badass orange version!

Some highlights of the new Yamaha, besides the new color scheme, include a new slipper clutch;  titatium 5-valve cylinder, newly design exhaust, and new cam profiles; new ECU and diagnostic tool; redesigned ergonomics – though they look at lot similar; and several more features.

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Inside Team Pro-ATV with Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has been around racing for a long time and this year has formed Team Pro-ATV with Josh Edwards and Britney Latimer to compete in all kinds of racing in the Southwest U.S.A. Matt gave us an inside look at what the team has planned for this year and you can follow the team on Facebook as well (check out the bottom of the post).

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Honda TRX 450R Build from Colt Brinkerhoff

I built this bike mainly to compete in the Pro Class of the Yamaha Quad X Series. I couldn’t have made any of this happen without all of my great sponsors, being a privateer, they really help me stay going! Thanks to:

Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars, Exit Shocks, ARS-FX, X-Insurance, Tire Blocks, Roll Design, HMF Engineering,, Laker Custom Plastics, Maxxis Tires, Fastway, DWT Wheels,, FC Racing, Val Brinkerhoff Horse Racing, Life Strength, Quad Tech, RPM Axles, Fly Racing, Precision Nutrition Plus, C & J Powdercoating, Jett Boots, Rath Racing, DFR Racing, A’ME Grips, DT1 Filters, CV4, Leatt, Sprocket Specialists, Campbell Racing Skid Plates, Works Connection, Streamline Brakes, Torco Oil.

Got to give a big shout out to my family for supporting me in racing. They’ve seen me get hurt and win a championship. I can’t thank them enough and couldn’t do it without them. The Campbell family for everything they’ve done, its made racing a lot easier on me having them go to the races with me. All of my friends for supporting me through thick and thin! Last but definitely not least is my family at Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars. They keep on the straight and narrow and helped me tremendously with racing and in life.

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