Ruby Davis’ Pro Picks

We got the scoop from Ruby on some of his favorite products to run. Here is what he picked out as essentials for 2015:

Flexx Handlebars. Not only do they look awesome but they greatly decrease my arm pump and help with control. Phil Cole ATV Fitness Program. Phil Cole is an amazing dude. He designs workouts to prepare you for the up and coming race season. It’s been kicking my butt, but I can’t thank him enough. Shoot him an email and tell him Ruby sent you.  Dyna-flex pro plus. This thing is amazing. I don’t get a lot of time to work out or ride because of work but this workout tool is perfect for helping maintain my grip and prepare myself for races.  Polar Ft4 Heart rate monitor.

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Honda has a new SxS

If a Rzr and a Rhino had a baby it would be the late-to-the-game Honda Pioneer 700. Red, dump bed, belt driven…perfect for hauling dirt and hay bales. For people who passed up Rhinos and Gators and Mules just waiting for something red that wasn’t Honda’s Big Red, which has been discontinued from the lineup, you are in luck.

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Sidi Crossfire 2

Sidi is a top boot manufacturer from bicycles to motorcycles. In this video Revzilla gives a product review on the Crossfire 2. What do you think about the crazy gray and yellow?

Link Round Up

We think these articles are some of the more useful or interesting ones on Pit Traffic, and for new readers we’d like to highlight some older posts they might have missed! So here a link round up of some past articles we think are worth re-visiting.

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Fourtech Industries

Fourtech Industries will take your kit to a new level. Their shirts are sharp and you can customize the hoodies with your name and number. Bonus? As if you needed more convincing… They are affordable, feature cool quad designs, and are made in Central California by Cody Miller, a fellow quad racer and cool guy that has a eye for detail (Click here to see his amazing quad).

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Gear Review – Klim

Hanging out with likes of Brandon Brown, I had heard that the Klim gear the Quad75Dezert guys wear is pretty spiffy in form and function. I had bought my brother a set for Christmas one year, and he seemed to like it so they were OK in my book. While they don’t have the splashy impact some companies have, they certainly make up for it in durability and function. And if you’re confused, it’s pronounced “climb.”

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I remember a time back in high school when I really didn’t care to do any sort of writing. Times have changed for me and now, topic dependent I must add, I really enjoy it. Writing about moto has really brought a new light to writing for me. I’m sitting in class right now thinking about the months that have passed since indoor ended. I remember riding indoor thinking that I couldn’t wait until I got outside and was able to really open it up. Now that its here, I couldn’t be happier.

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