Quadcast Vol 2 Ep 2

Quadcast Episode 2…We forgot which episode we were on, but apparently it was 2. This podcast we talk with Jacey Brown and Rich Moore who are both riding awesome this year. Louie Regalado gives us the heads up on the next Quad Up session at MMX this weekend, Jeff Bays and Bmart talk some shit, and Kyle Miller gives us the Washington flat track scoop. If you want to subscribe you should put this link into a service like podkicker ( http://pittraffic.com/mag/feed/podcast) and the new episodes will download to your phone (or wherever). P.S. minor cussing in this one.

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Jeff Bays, Bryan Martin, and Megan Murray talk a little about Quadcross Northwest at Woodland, WORCS, and the Quad Mafia on this Quadcast. We’re a little rusty since we’re 6 months out of practice, but …

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Inside Team Pro-ATV with Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has been around racing for a long time and this year has formed Team Pro-ATV with Josh Edwards and Britney Latimer to compete in all kinds of racing in the Southwest U.S.A. Matt gave us an inside look at what the team has planned for this year and you can follow the team on Facebook as well (check out the bottom of the post).

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Quadcast Episode Awesome

Joey “I love Cougars” Cole, “Concussion” Cody Irving,  and Megan “I F’N HATE SPIDERS” Murray are joined by Jeff “The Mafia Don” Bays, & Mary “I F’N HATE SPIDERS TOO” McHugh talk about the 4th of July and AMERICUUUURR, Joey gives us hyrdration and heat tips, Mary recaps her Vegas to Reno preps, Jeff Bays gives us the run down on the Quad Mafia ride day, and Megan gives us the calendar of events, plus more.

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Quadcast Ep. 6

In this episode of the Quadcast, Joey “I named everyone twice, twice” Cole, Cody “I lit my dad on fire and was late to the podcast” Irving, Chris “The Suspicious Talker” McCleary, Jeff “I’m the only guy on-time” Bays, Brandon “I just want to talk about Baja” Brown, and Megan “That Baja story wasn’t that crazy” Murray, have a nice chit chat about some happenings.

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Quadcast 5

Joey takes a hiatus on his birthday to do jaegerbombs with lots of women in revealing attire and celebrities you only meet IF you’re Joey Cole(we can only assume that’s why he’d miss a podcast), …

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Quadcast Episode 4

Joey “Who doesn’t love Hall & Oates” Cole, Cody “I just want to see Ron Burgundy Again” Irving, and Megan “I’m super worried about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger” Murray are joined by Louie “I’m hella talkative next time” Regalado & Terrin “I’m not here unless addressed directly” Vargas.

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Quadcast episode 2

Cody, Joey, and Megan with guest Derrick Sas talk a little supercross, a little QXNW and a little OMRA. Check out the latest episode of the Quadcast here. If you want to join us in …

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