Karley Brown Images accepting riders for 2014

IMG_8445STILL ACCEPTING SPONSORSHIP APPLICATIONS!!! If you want FREE photos and are attending the any of the races below then email me your resume brown_karley@yahoo.com
Race schedule for next year- probably wont get to all of them but im going to try my hardest- as long as people are purchasing pics you will see me out there

Cd’s are $30, they take 4-5 weeks to be delivered, and you get 20-30 high resolution pics with copyrights. 

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Behind the Helmet – Interview with Brittany Richert


If you ever get the chance to experience watching a Quad-X race, chances are Brittany Richert will catch your eye. In 2012 Brittany had a very successful season placing 1st in the women’s novice class, this year she decided to increase the level of competition by racing against the guys. Her talent and determination has made her unbeatable this season, but don’t let her aggressiveness fool you; Brittany is one of the bubbliest, kind-hearted girls out on the track.

You have almost as many Facebook likes as Beau Baron. How are you keeping the popularity from going to your head? I think it has…[laughs] just kidding. During the week when I’m not racing I’m working full time for a school district in my town with severely handicapped children. Working with them I think is what makes the popularity not go to my head, it makes me cherish the little things in life and also realize how blessed I am to get the opportunity to do what I do and have all the people I have supporting me. I’m a small town girl chasing her dreams and having all these awesome people from all over the world following me on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter is awesome and makes me want to push even harder to achieve my goals… and pass up Beau Baron on likes on Facebook 😉 [laughs]

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