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Here at Pit Traffic, we do our best to keep it “ad-free.” Which doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have support (because we do) but we try to integrate it as much as possible for the sanity of our users. Nothing is more irritating than pop-ups, animated banners all over, or ads right in the middle of what you are trying to read. Instead, we like to quietly insert it into our content so that everybody will see it, but it isn’t going to invade your space and it certainly isn’t going to trick our users. We think that’s beneficial to our advertisers as well, because nobody will say, “I hate that stupid ad on Pit Traffic” instead it will be “I hate the Company ad on Pit Traffic” and nobody wants that!

We’re open for other suggestions, but here are the main ways you can advertise with us online:

Sponsor a Contest or an official Pit Traffic event:

  • “YOUR COMPANY presents Biggest Air Photo Contest!” Might be how the title reads. You give us certificates, product, or money to get product, we put on a contest using your name and logo. The prize is your product, and if you would like, you can even choose the winner(s) or choose the contest format.
  • Minimum of $50 contribution, you can run as many contests throughout the year as you would like and all money goes straight into the contest and back to the riders.
  • Events are dependent on what activities are taking place. Please get in touch to discuss your options if you want to sponsor an event.
  • Featured on our homepage, announced in the forum, and put up on Facebook & Twitter to get the most users involved and seeing your product or logo.
Sponsor a Forum:
  • You can rename or present one of our existing forums. That way our users are seeing your company within our community. The only forum this is unavailable for, is our expert forum.  You can sponsor any of the others.
  • YOUR COMPANY’s Pit Board might be what you rename the general discussion area, or XC Races with YOUR COMPANY might be something for our XC section of discussion.
  • A cross between an advertisement and an editorial. Stored forever in the Pit Traffic archives, easily found by search engines, includes a link back to your own website, and showcases who you are or one of your products.
  • Appears on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Appears on the Pit Traffic homepage, and stays at the top until we get more content.
Skin our homepage:
  • Choose our background
All companies that support us will be announced on the homepage. We just need some information and a jpg/gif of your logo to put up there.
So why should you advertise with us? Well, for one Pit Traffic gets over 1000 unique visitor a month from all over the country. So that’s over 1000 times your logo, product, and company get seen. Secondly, Pit Traffic is home to some great riders and getting them to use your product obviously helps you out in a few ways – the Northwest is not lacking in talent or ability! Thirdly, people are more likely to buy from companies that support what they do and things they like. You can be the “hero” for us by helping to keep us running. By supporting us, you are showing you care about NW racing and racers, which brings us to the next point. We are a community here at Pit Traffic. Nobody is getting paid to race, or earning any money by selling advertisements here, we do all of this for the fun and enjoyment from it. Pit Traffic is dedicated to the riders and the NW racing available to them. Supporting us helps to support them, and that’s meaningful.

So where does your money go? Right back to Pit Traffic members and Pit Traffic related promotion items. Any time there has been something Pit Traffic related that has been sold, the profits, if any, have gone towards prizes for contests or giveaways after our hosting has been paid for. I would like to expand what’s available to our supporters and eventually have Pit Traffic promotional items to give away in support of local riders and events. Join our community and support the growth of ATV racing in the Northwest!

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This means you might see links to products on Amazon. Every time you buy something via these links, you are supporting Pit Traffic.
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