BREAKING NEWS! ThreeTwo Motorsports’ Bryan Martin to Return for QXNW

In a phone call earlier today we learned that ThreeTwo Motorsports’ Bryan Martin will be making a return to Quadcross Northwest for their weekend at Horn Rapids. After a long hiatus from quads, Martin is looking for a top spot in the ProAm class, and his long riding history at his home track should get him there.

When we spoke with Martin, he said he was more than ready because quad motocross “isn’t that hard.” When asked about  any concerns he had he replied with, “I haven’t ridden or owned a race quad in over 3 years, but quads are so slow and easy to ride I’m pretty confident I have actually gotten faster.”

Between shotgunning a PBR and snorting some Ryno Power Gladiator (not recommended by the manufacturer), he managed to tell us how he has been preparing for the race.

I’ve been practicing my finish line winning jump celebration and nobody there is good enough to stop me from using it.

With over 25 years of racing, more than thirty years of nfg, and gear older than most riders on the line, Martin will sure to be an upset this weekend.

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