Interview with Tristan Low

Tristan Low had a bad start to the 2016 season. He crashed in practice before round 1 and was out with a collarbone injury. Luckily for him, the specialist said he would be healed in time to take on rounds 3&4 at Albany and that’s just what he did. We caught up with Tristan just after his accident to learn more about this aspiring rider.

13077262_243327802722534_1311475072_nWho had the greatest influence on your racing?
Definitely Trey Canard. He is such a motivated rider. He has dealt with so much in his life, he just proves that anybody can do anything if they want to.

Who do you look up to in the sport?
Well, I idol Trey Canard. I also love James Stewart. When James got suspended from the sport for 16 months, I was stuck watching Supercross without a favorite rider. But that was the year that Trey Canard came back from his injury. They did a small interview on him during a race one night and he just inspired me. He has dealt with so much bad luck, from his father passing when he was a kid to him breaking his back and femur. He has so much passion for motocross and is such a motivated rider. I am actually number 41 because Trey is such an influence on me.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my improvement in racing. It was almost 3 years ago that I rode on a track for the first time and to be racing Pro-Am now, that is an accomplishment I am very proud of. My speed, skill, confidence, and consistency is all better than ever. Winning the championship last year was satisfying but not a huge accomplishment because I wasn’t challenged.

What one word would you use to describe yourself?

How would you like to be remembered?
As the best to ever race an ATV.

If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be?
I would have asked my dad to race quads when I was 6 years old instead having waited until I was 12.

Tell me about your mother and father and how they relate to your racing?
They are both extremely supportive. My dad spends a lot of his time, money, and effort helping me get to my races and ensuring I am always doing my best. He drives me to all of my practices and races and helps me pay for parts when I am out of money. My mom on the other hand is still supportive but motocross scares her to death, and especially with me racing Pro-Am.

13077219_243323739389607_852946240_nWhat are your favorite books, movies, movie stars, sports heroes, singers right now?
I am definitely loyal to the sport, so I would say my favorite book would be Wide Open, by Jeremy McGrath. My favorite movie as old as it is, is probably Step Brothers. Movie Stars, probably Dwayne Johnson, he’s pretty dope. In the sport of ATV motocross, my favorite sport hero would be Joel Hetrick. I really like Joel Hetrick. His wide open style makes me try to ride just like he does. I really like a lot of singers right now but if I had to pick one or two, I could probably narrow it down to Fetty Wap and the band Disturbed.

What else can you tell me about your program this year?
Well this year I am really getting myself in shape and working on maintaining my fitness. Making sure my quad is in the best shape possible at all times is a goal. Racing Pro-Am won’t be easy so I have been running 2.5 miles each day, and working out in the weight room every day. I added numerous parts to my quad over winter to give me some more power to help me be a little more competitive. I also have got some really good sponsors behind me that really support my racing: Industrial Fabrication, Pit Traffic, Elite MX Graphix, Matrix Concepts, LLC., Fly Racing, Immortal ATV, Odi Grips, Ride100percent, Atlas Brace Technologies, Amsoil, and my Mom and Dad.

What one word would your friends use to describe you?

What do you expect to be your biggest challenge this year?
Definitely being in Pro-Am. Last year in the Schoolboy Sr. class, I never had any competition and nobody to push me and help me get faster (not that I’m a sandbagger) but because I am good for my age and it was one of the only classes I could race. Running at the pace that the guys do in Pro-Am is fast but I am 100% confident in myself to win in Pro-Am. That’s where I feel I belong.

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