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Back in the NW: Albany Race Report

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With all the signs pointing towards us not being able to make it to the Albany round of QuadcrossNW, we never even opened the back of the trailer to look at the bikes when we got home from nationals. I unloaded everything from the last 5 months out of the rv so that we would have the food, clothes, dishes, and such back in the house. Phil ended up being able to make it back home from work, be we were totally up prepared. He had to get power working on the trailer/RV again because he had pulled the generator and was relocating the electrical panel, I had to throw back in most of the stuff I had taken out. Only forgot a few things important things like dog food and beer, but we made it there.We were not sure what to expect from ourselves at our first ride back with QXNW after having such a downer weekend at the final round of nationals. Poor Kellen did not get to complete even one  of his 4 motos due to mechanicals, my quad’s exhaust came off, then I had a quad land on my ribs and handlebars break off, Phil’s finger still wasn’t ready to hold on for a hole moto, and we left for home with 3 quads down and out. With all that behind us we just wanted to get back out there and put down some good solid laps and maybe some holeshots.

image                                                                                                           image
I think I was up first. I couldn’t decide which class to to ride in until I remembered that I could pick a different class each day. Saturday I ran women’s expert claiming 2 holeshots and a 1:2 for first overall. Only had one get off and then some gnarly whiplash to deal with the next day. I rode Vet B on Sunday, and I chickened out the first holeshot and let anyone pass me that came close to my tires. Second moto I stayed a little stronger into turn one, was in the top 3 or 4 through the first table, but I still just let people pass me without a fight. I took a 10:7 for an 8th overall. Kellen ran against 250s in School Boy Jr. Expert on Saturday and Supermini on Sunday. He held his own and hung right there with the 250s on his 65 shifter. He said “I could have had them on my automatic”. Sunday he was on the tail of one of them, and he came so close to getting him on the last lap in the whoops. It was an exiting and scary. One of the only times I get nervous is when he races through the whoops with larger bikes. Phil decided to race despite his recent broken finger and lack of seat time. He went 1:1 on Saturday and 2:1 on Sunday claiming two Pro wins. He also had 3 of the 4 holeshots. There were a few times when it didn’t look like the outcome would be in his favor. After Saturday’s moto 1 holeshot, he backed off and let 3 riders pass him knowing he couldn’t maintain pace for 15 minutes. One of those riders went out with a mechanical, and he caught the other two by charging at the end. The other time was Sunday’s moto 1. After losing 4th gear he got passed going into a corner. As the two were coming out of the corner they tangled up. That allowed 3rd place by, narrowly escaping being one in the pile up, and 4th place moved into 2nd before he got going again. All the mishaps mad for some interesting and exciting racing.

image                                                                                                           image

The weekend was definitely a good come back. We all took home a first, and we all had fun being back in the NW. To me it felt out of place yet comfortable at the same time.

I would like to thank our sponsors: EIB Construction,, MotocrossDirect, Walsh Race Craft, Elka Suspension, DWT, Braking, EVS, Scott, Hinson Clutch Components, Pro Taper, Pro Armor, Vertex Pistons, Hot Rods, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, and Cylinder Works

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