Tyler Nelson’s Straddleline Quadcross Northwest ATV Racing Report

We’re now on to the second half of the 2015 Quadcross Northwest season and Straddleline ORV made for some awesome racing! I got to the track Friday night and had to do some last minute scrambling to get my bike ready for Saturday. Thanks to the Quadcross family I was able to get everything done.Stradd15_27

I woke up on Saturday and hit the track for practice. Straddleline is one of my favorite tracks so I settled in quickly, felt fast and smooth and got myself in the racing mindset. Moto 1 we had 6 really talented riders on the line so I knew it was going to be an awesome day in the ProAm class. The gate dropped and I did something that is foreign to me that I guess is called “pulling the holeshot.” –Side note, I haven’t holeshotted since my first ever race which was at Straddleline 5 years ago. I led for about a third of a lap and got out powered on the straight away before the camel back. I fell back another position but was able to find a groove and put in smooth laps to hold on to 3rd. I rested up and after a short break I was back on the line for moto 2. The second gate drop was the exact opposite and I was last to the first turn. The track was too muddy in some spots and too dry in others, it was slick in a few corners and so dusty over the pro table that I was jumping blind. To add to the poor conditions I lost all of my tear offs on the first lap but I was able to battle up to 3rd to go 3-3 for 3rd overall for the day. I was worn out and went Stradd15_882to bed early Saturday night so I’d be rested up for Sunday. Sunday came quick and the track shaped up with some subtle differences that set up more lines and a made for a more raceable track. Moto 1 on Sunday I had another poor start and had my work cut out as usual. I was only able to manage a 4th but I knew what I had to do for moto 2. I went back to the trailer and went over the bike, made sure everything was tight, air pressure was where I wanted it, gassed up and got lunch. Moto 2 went a lot better, I was second to the first turn and was gaining on 1st place the entire moto but was only able to maintain my position and my 4-2 was good enough for 3rd overall.

I had a great weekend and proved to myself that I can run up front, despite riding with a torn rotator cuff I could feel myself getting smoother and faster late in the motos and increasing the gap from the rider behind me and closing the gap in front. I’m going to make some changes to the bike and ride as much as I can to get ready for rounds 9&10 of Quadcross Northwest at Albany MX. A huge thank you to the Villiard and Rohr family for helping me get my wheels mounted, my dad for getting me to the track and helping out as always, my girlfriend Kaylee and everyone that makes Quadcross Northwest happen. Thanks to my sponsors, Elka Suspension and Pit Traffic.

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