Dixie Cup 2015! July 25th, 2015! Sponsorship information included!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to start sharing our Dixie Cup information with you all!  If you have been a regular at D and W Racing’s Rainier Flat Track for the past several years, then you are familiar with this special day!  If you are new, then you are in for an entire day of excitement and flat track Racing!

First, I want to share some Dixie Cup sponsorship opportunities with you all.  Please read to the bottom of the email for all the information about this special event.  Thank you!

Racers, Fans, Families, Businesses, Companies, Friends, and More:


We are beginning to do some extensive planning for our Dixie Cup event

on July 25th. This is our biggest race of the year, and has always been

well attended by both amateur and pro riders.

We recently

found out that our primary sponsor for this event is not able to give

the funds they have in the past to help sponsor this event. We are

reaching out and looking for potential sponsors, both large and small, to help make up this difference and make this event as big and as amazing as it always has been!

Here are a few of the Sponsorship Plans that are available:

$$ Cash Donation to the Pro Purse
-Special Thank You announced during the Event to those who make donations, 1 Pit Pass included for every $100 donation

$250 Sponsorship
-Banner on Front Straight Away in front of Grandstands
-Mentioned multiple times during the event
-Listed as a sponsor on email and website, with contact info
-2 Pit Passes

$500 Sponsorship
-Banner on Front Straight Away in front of Grandstands
-Mentioned multiples time during the event
-Listed as a sponsor on email and website, with contact info
-Business Logo or Name on Dixie Cup event Poster
-Honored during Opening Ceremonies during Event
-5 Pit Passes

$1000 Title Sponsorship
-Banner on Front Straight Away in front of Grandstands
-Banner or Sign out by the Road at Track Entrance
-Mentioned multiples time during the event
-Listed as a sponsor on email and website, with contact info
-Business Logo or Name on Dixie Cup event Poster as Title Sponsor
-Honored and Interviewed during Opening Ceremonies during Event
-10 Pit Passes
-1/2 Price Admission for Grandstands to anyone on their List
-Special Section roped off in Grandstands for Business or Family to sit

Please contact Amy McCoy at flattrackracerandfan@gmail.com or call (425) 314-2744 to inquire more about these opportunities.


Please share to all who may be interested in being a part of our Dixie

Cup Event!


The biggest difference from our normal race, is that amateurs will be running during the morning and early afternoon, with some select amateur classes running their main events during our big night show! Here are some details:


July 25th, 2015
Pro Motorcycle and Quad Race

Rainier Cycle Bowl
404 Alaska Road

Rainier, Washington




$8000.00 Combined Minimum Purse
There will be Trophy Dashes for both Classes

MUST be 16 years of age or Older! Proof of Age will be requested.


Cannot ride an Amateur Class during the day (Pro-Am will still be an option if you want to ride during the day also)


Entry Fee: $80



7:00 AM: Gates Open
8:00 AM-10:00 AM: Amateur Sign-Up

9:00 AM-10:30 AM: Amateur Open Practice (1 Practice per bike ONLY due to time)


11:00 AM: Amateur Racing

4:00 PM-4:30 PM: Pro Racer Sign-Up

4:30 PM-5:30 PM: Pro Only Open Practice
5:30 PM: Pro Time Trials

7:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies

7:30 PM: Pro Racing and Selected Amateur Mains


Pits Open to Spectators after the final Main Event



The selected amateur classes that will be ran during the night show are still to be determined.  We choose classes based on average turn out of riders in that class.  Stay tuned for a complete list.



Pit Pass $15
Grandstand $10




Pros: $80

Amateur 1st Class: $30


Amateur 2nd Class: $20
Amateur 3rd Class: $20

*It is VERY important you are on time to sign-up. If you are running late you need to call or text Amy at (425) 314-2744.  Anyone arriving to sign-up after 10:00am will start their heat from the back row.



who pays to watch or race the Amateur Show in the morning is welcome to

stay the rest of the night at the track for the Pro Race and Night


*No Cars in the Pits (Only vehicles hauling bikes/quads/karts)


*No Alcohol

*No Open Fires



Hope to see you all there.  Please email me with any questions and I

will answer them the best I can!  Spread the word and lets make this

another great Dixie Cup Event!!!


See you all out at the track for our regular scheduled race on June 27th!  Please email with sponsorship inquires, or general questions that you may have!  Thank you!



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