Rain Rain Go Away – Race Report from UGMX

Rain rain go away 2nd moto wants a sunny day! Round 2 of the ATV Nationals at Underground MX in Kemp, TX brought us a over night storm between motos 1 and 2 yet again. This time the motos continued as planned, with only a short 15 min delay due to some track clean off.

I’m not butt hurt about the rain though. No, I am literally butt hurt from a get off I had about a week and half prior to this round, that landed me square on my booty. Due to some spider fractures and torn muscles, this race report will only cover the guys in my life. They’re the real talent anyway, right?

This was the first time the ATV Nationals had been back to Texas in many years. With a lot of promotion from the local series TQRA and LSQR, there where around 530 entries! With those numbers, Saturday’s moto 1 races had a hand full of classes with enough entries to require qualifying heats. Both Phil and Kellen had to run heat races to qualify for moto 2.

Kellen, with a dead last start into the first turn, quickly made 6 passes before the first lap, and pulled a 2nd in his heat race for the 70 Auto class. Next day on moto 2 he was, once again, last going into turn one. He brought himself up from 16th to 8th in lap one, gained some ground and made a pass for 7th on lap 3, and had a exciting finish as he nearly passes for 6th in the whoops at the finish line. 4th overall in the 70 Auto, and he’s learning that hole shots really make a difference. He can’t wait and pick everyone off like he is use to when racing with the best of the best.

I honestly can’t tell you where Phil was in turn one for his Production A class, but I know he made at least 4 passes, once I spotted him, before lap 1 putting him at 6th. Feeling frustrated with his start and having wasted time dealing with passes, he pushed on anyway, made a few more passes into 4th before lap 3, and finished the heat race in 4th. Next day for moto 2 there was no hiding that the rainy conditions got to him. Pacific North Westerners + rain = soggy moods. I could tell from his body language while out there that he wasn’t feeling it. Despite attitude and conditions he brought himself up to 6th from the tail end of the pack, and maintained for a 6th place finish and 6th over all in Production A.

We want to make a special thank you to Ford Brothers Racing for all the support and hospitality they have given us. Thanks to all our sponsors EIB Construction, PitTraffic.com, Walsh Race Craft, Elka Suspension, DWT, Braking, EVS, Scott, Hinson Clutch Components, Rocket Exhaust, Pro Taper, Pro Armor, and Ford Brother Racing. By the time you read this we’ll just be finishing up round 3 at Muddy Creek in Tennessee! Stay tuned for more pics and reporting from that round!

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