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Williams/Oppen Race Report AMA Rd 1

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Home to Lizella, GA

On Wednesday, March 18th, around 6pm, we got the word that we had a donation for the fuel to get us from Portland, OR to the first round of the AMA ATV Motocross Championship in Lizella, GA. We scrambled to load up, headed out of the driveway at 10pm, and made it to the track in Georgia early Saturday morning the day of racing. We were all tired from the non stop driving (except gas and potty breaks) for 56 hrs.

That whole morning was RUSH RUSH RUSH to sign up, get transponders, find out when our practice was, unload the bikes, get geared up, and hustle over to our THREE lap practice. Apprently that is all you get on Saturday, and Sunday you get two laps. The track is a sand track so by practice #3 the track was already extremely beat up with ruts swing arm deep. The minis could hardly make it through the things. They even had to do bits of track work before each of the mini motos.

Echeconnee MX entrance

After barely learning the track we had motos 2, 6, 14, 21, and 25 with super fast people and the very last gate pics. Not gonna lie, we didn’t have the fight in us that day. We were already exhausted and the track kicked our butts. Intimidated by the gate sizes, Kellen gave away the holeshots, costing him a lot of ground, but he still finished with 7th and 8th out of 14 and 17. In Kellen’s 2nd class he was up in 5th or 6th, but was forced to slam on the breaks or crash when another downed rider’s parent pushed his kid back onto the track right in front of him. This caused Kellen to lose at least 2 positions. Phil finished with 10th out of 20 and 11th out of 18. Phil had the worst gate on both motos (most outside position going into turn one). On his first moto he was ahead of the pack, but as he rounded the turn he was pushed off the track by a few other quads putting him in last. He recovered quickly and made a bunch of  passes before lap 1 was done. I finished 7th out of 8. I had a great jump off the line, but, in my usual fashion, pulled a monster wheelie.

Arrow is pointing to us before being move to that smaller group of rigs on the left.

Towards the end of the day, a member of the staff approached us to let us know that he was going to have to relocate us. Seeing as we were the last rig to arrive we were parked the furthest from the track and entrance. Well, a storm was coming in that night, and they wanted to get us up to higher ground so that we did not need to be towed out. Lots of people ended up being towed out, so it was a good thing they moved us. Our new location was up top in the “Pro pit parking” where we ended up meeting some awesome people who gave us a place to stay till the next round. The storm was a blessing in disguise even though the second day was rained out, and everyone was awarded their standings from moto 1.

Time to get better prepared for the next round. It seems every class is on another level than we are use to, but we are ready for the challenge. Now we just need some rest and to make it to the Friday practice day so we can get more than 3 laps before the race. We’re currently in Texas, awaiting round 3 at Underground MX which takes place on April 18th.

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