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Interview with Edico Usak

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Edico Usak is one of the Canadian kids that blew the doors off the B class in the first year on 450s. He and fellow Canadian Hunter Friesen (interviewed here) had a pivotal year of learning on the big bike and now they are ready to jump up into A and the ProAm class and cement themselves there among veteran riders. We asked Edico a few questions about his upcoming race season. Here is what he had to say:

Going into the new season, what kind of expectations do you have for yourself this year? Going into the 2015 season my expectations are to try my hardest and do my best. I have trained very hard this off season and got myself into really good shape and feel ready to take on the challenge of Production A and ProAm.

QXNWHORN_14714Reflecting on last year’s racing, what did you focus on most for the off-season in order to improve for 2015? Last year was a really good year and a learning year being it the first on my 450. I focused this off season on my strength in the gym a lot. I felt like last year my stamina was great but the new, bigger machine was a lot more for me to handle. I didn’t feel like I would get out of breath tired, I just felt like I would get physically tired and felt like if I was a bit stronger it would help a lot. That’s what I focused on a lot this off season.

Would you consider last year a success, a learning season, or something else? I would consider it a definite success being fortunate enough to win two championships, but I would also definitely have to consider it a learning year. I planned on doing well last season but I didn’t expect it to go quite that great.

What’s your biggest goal for the 2015 season? Well I have two big goals for 2015. My first goal is to win the Production A class championship and my second goal would be to make the podium at at least one round this year in ProAm.

QXNWHORN_14510How are you going to achieve that? By riding smart, fast, clean, solid laps, and getting good starts. Making minimal mistakes will definitely be a big part of it too.

Where do you feel you excel on the track compared to your competition? I feel I excel in the corners compared to other riders. I feel it is important to have good corner speed and I focus on my corners at the practice track a lot.

Give your upcoming season an epic movie title: “This is just the beginning”

Anyone you want to thank this year? First and foremost I have to thank my parents because without them none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank my grandma and grandpa for coming to the races and always supporting me. I would also like to thank all of my sponsors for the support for the 2015 season and hopefully many years to come:, Baldwin Motorsports, Asterisk knee braces, Vemar helmets, Atlas Brace, Rath racing, Powermadd, Engine Ice, Hinson, LifeProof, Shorai, Renthal, 88 Industries, Friesen Racing, ThreeTwo Motorsports


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