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Jesse Milbrath spills the beans on 2015

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QXNWHORN_14773 How did you come to the decision to move into the Pro class? I came to the decision when I realized I needed to push myself more, and what better way than pro? I want to give everyone in that class a good race this season!

What are you bringing to the Pro class? You didn’t have “breakout” year as a ProAm. Well, I’m riding more and more. I’ve ridden more than I have last year already. I hit the gym earlier as well as found some proven supplements to aid in my workouts. I feel unbelievably comfortable on my KTM now and I just lose track of everything besides me and the quad.

What do you hope to achieve as a Pro, both long term and short term? I am hoping for a podium spot at the end of the season. All this hard work is not going to go to waste and I will push myself harder than ever to achieve my goals this year.

What are your plans and expectations for this year’s racing? Where are you competing and how do you think your season will go?
I plan to make all except 2 QXNW races this year. I expect myself to be able to be in the top 5 in each race. For the most part I plan to stay away from wrecks and getting tangled up with others (that was killer for me last year).

QXNWHORN_14810You’ve mentioned you’re working with former pro Drew Lattimar. How has that helped you so far and how will working with him impact your debut season? Working with Drew this season is going to be key for me. That guy has amazing talent and I hope to show what that guy can do for riders. I have worked with him before and honestly without his help, I would not be the rider I am today. I am excited to see how much he can help througout this season with key riding tips and helping me mentally stay focused.

What’s the biggest challenge you face for the 2015 season? The biggest challenge I face for 2015 is going to be Ruby Davis and Jace Johnson. Those two are some serious riders. Its going to be a great season of racing and I’m looking forward to lining up with them at the first round at Horn Rapids.


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