Ruby Davis’ Pro Picks

We got the scoop from Ruby on some of his favorite products to run. Here is what he picked out as essentials for 2015:

Flexx Handlebars. Not only do they look awesome but they greatly decrease my arm pump and help with control. Phil Cole ATV Fitness Program. Phil Cole is an amazing dude. He designs workouts to prepare you for the up and coming race season. It’s been kicking my butt, but I can’t thank him enough. Shoot him an email and tell him Ruby sent you.  Dyna-flex pro plus. This thing is amazing. I don’t get a lot of time to work out or ride because of work but this workout tool is perfect for helping maintain my grip and prepare myself for races.  Polar Ft4 Heart rate monitor. With this excercise tool it helps me keep track of my heart rate and calories I burn and the intensities of my workouts on and off the track. Tireblocks. I’ve been taken out of races one too many times because of flats. With Tireblocks you never have to worry about a flat again. TCS skid plate. Nothing is worse than cracking cases or breaking a frame. Having a TCS skid plate, they are light and tough enough to withstand the hardest hits from sharp rocks and debris.  Elka Suspension Stage 5 With the new development of suspension that has come out over the years, by far the best shocks I’ve ridden are stage 5 Elkas. Light weight and easy adjustments make these shocks easy to set up for different tracks. With these shocks I’m not afraid to hit whoops, rail berms, flat land jumps or even wreck some ruts. These babies help me get the job done. I wanna look great for the 2015 season. Chaos Graphics is the way to go. Steve will get your quad looking brand new with his shiny graphics and custom designs. Give him a call and tell him Ruby sent you.

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