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Introduction to Miranda Williams

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Another one of our regular contributors, Miranda Williams, has been crocheting up a storm, and preparing for her trek from Oregon to the East Coast as her son and boyfriend will be competing in the ATVMX nationals all this season. An adventure for sure! We talked Miranda into giving us an interview so we can introduce you to her. Check it out!

How did you get started with ATVs, and what led you into the racing community?

About 9 years ago, a coworker invited me to the dunes for weekend, and I came home and bought my own quad. They all laughed at my quick decision to purchase, but now I ride more than they do. A few years later l met Elaine Derrik through a recommendation from my local MX shop (Motocross Direct), and Kellen started racing at her winter indoor series then her Straddleline series. Through those series we met more quad enthusiast and family, and then heard about QXNW. Through QXNW I met Phil, who got me to try some racing myself. I think you know rest, and there is more yet to happen.

rutsbro-myrandomnessWhat about racing appeals to you?

I love seeing my son doing what he loves and excelling at it. I love that it is something we all do (no one feels left out). I have always enjoyed going fast (I use to do a little car racing), but personally do not like the pressure of the race. Or maybe its that I don’t like losing. I like overcoming fears and challenges of the track.

What is the biggest challenge ATV racers are faced with?

Cost, places to ride, numbers showing up to maintain those places to ride.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you enjoy besides ATVs, etc.

More recently it has been crocheting. I like rock music, comedy, Netflix, iced coffee, new shoes and hoodies, sporty cars, and spicy food. I enjoy cooking new things (not so much into baking). I’m a dog person (no cats meow or ever). I also have a love hate relationship with my 80HD.

What kind of content do you hope to provide readers of Pit Traffic?

Hopefully something they will want to read! As there is still a lot that I don’t know, I want to not forget about those that are new to sport and don’t know a lot of the basics or much of anything, to help them not feel lost or overwhelmed. I hope I can offer something unique. I’m not quite sure what that is yet, but yeah. Maybe an AMA adventure blog of our weekly progress or biweekly as the races are about every two weeks.



Megan grew up riding quads and got involved with the racing community in 2004, creating in 2005. A lifelong love of motorcycles keeps her involved, while her two small kids keep her very busy.

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