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Interview with Quadcross NW Pro Champion Ruby Davis

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Ruby Davis locked up the 2014 Quadcross Pro championship last year to both applause and a few critics thinking he didn’t earn it because the turnout was low in the Pro class. Ruby started to prove the critics wrong by competing in the stacked Pro-Am class, then he took the trip to Texas for the ATV Pro Challenge where he finished just shy of the podium in the ProAM there (no Pro class available due to adverse weather) against top names in the national ATV MX scene. And now, he’s the first Pro to take on the challenge of defending his QXNW Pro title. And he’s not backing down from the challenge. Armed with new sponsors and the same rosy outlook on racing, Ruby is putting his hear and dedication in his season this year and you can expect him to be at the top of the box when the dust clears.


QXNWHORN_14606You’re the first guy to defend his Quadcross Northwest title. How do you feel about that?

I feel pretty special about it because, for one, nobody has done it. They’ve all moved on to bigger, better things, or have just found something else to do. I feel pretty honored to be able to defend my championship this year, and kind of be the first one to do it.

Do you feel with the new 2-class rule there’s going to be more competition in the Pro class at QXNW?

Oh yeah, a lot more competition. Definitely. I feel that the new rule will draw more riders from down south because the Pro payout will be a lot bigger. And talking with Bing, he’s got a lot more stuff planned for this year. You know, I’m looking really forward to it.

Tell us about your Texas experience. It seemed like a very wild ride and you ended up just shy of the podium.

My Texas experience couldn’t have been any better. Well, besides getting on the podium. But, to go down there, not knowing what was going to happen – if the bike was even going to survive the race, how the power was going to hold up, just the competition alone I knew was going to be crazy. So, going into the first race I was pretty nervous. Eric, Bing, and Zev’yer, everybody was there cheering me on, and it made me feel like I was [racing] in the Northwest. It made me feel really good to go out there and push myself with a whole new competition. People I’ve never ridden with in my entire life. To go out there, you know, and take 5th overall in the Open Expert class, and 4th overall in the ProAm class, and fall just shy of the podium, I couldn’t be happier with my performance, the bike, my team, and everyone that backed me. Who would have thought some local kid from the Northwest would end up placing so high?

What are your plans for the ’15 season?

Obviously defend my championship. I want to train hard. I feel like I have a point to prove still because last year we lacked the competition in the Pro class. The ProAm class had a lot of really good battles. I want to come out and show that it wasn’t a fluke. I want to be able to show that I earned the spot. Even though there’s a lot of good competition I still want to have a 20 second lead, and push harder. You know, I want to travel to a few nationals maybe and compete with that competition.

Where do you feel you have an advantage this year over last year, if any?

I feel the only advantage I have this year, is that I know the tracks compared to some of the new riders that are coming down or coming up. I’ve ridden here my whole life so I know the tracks. I’ve practiced on them, I’ve raced on them.

How is this season going to be different for you?

The season is going to be really different this year, with a lot of the new support that I got and sponsors. I feel this will be the best one yet. So whether I’m first or I’m last, it’s still going to be the best season yet. The fitness program that I have going on – Phil Cole has done a really great job of planning out an ATV Fitness program for me. I’ve seen his work in the past. I mean, I had a fitness plan last year, but it was so kind of spontaneous workouts, just a lot of running. This year I’m a lot more planned out. Something I can follow by. It’ll be hard to do after work and stuff because we work late sometimes, but it’s a nice guideline to follow by. The fitness will be definitely a lot better this year.

QXNWHORN_141008What are you looking forward to the most this year?

Hanging out with my [race] family again. It’s been too long since I’ve really talked to anyone. I kind of lost touch with a lot of people. The support from my family and friends, and obviously from the fans and stuff. To be able to hang out with them and show them that this is, like, the year, and all that. That’s the most important thing to me. The future of the sport is the younger generation. That’s the key. Seeing family and having them right there behind me, supporting me. And also, to ride with some new people would be really cool.  I can’t wait for the competition itself. I’ve been looking up at the [Canadian] race team, checking them out, watching videos of, you know, how they ride. Kind of studying how they do their thing. I can’t wait for the competition.

Lastly, anyone you want to thank or mention?

Yeah. Special shout outs obviously to Brandon and Megan Brown – the heart of Pit Traffic. Colt Brinkerhoff at FasstCo, Mike and Kristen at Dynamic Graphics, Steve at Chaos Graphics, Doug at Cycle Barn, the Mott family – they do a lot and back me one hundred percent. My mom, my girlfriend, Tori, and the rest of my family and friends that come out to watch me ride. The whole Quadcross Northwest Community. They are the ones who give me the drive and cheer me on, so I gotta thank them.  A new one, Jeff at Oregon Coast Powersports. He’s going to be my motor builder for this year. I look forward to having him. The Shelman family. I’ve known the Shelman family a long time. Having them as another supporter and close family friend is awesome. And then, Phil Cole at ATV Fitness Programs. My sponsors: Pit Traffic
Flex handlebars
Chaos Graphics
Dynamic Graphic
Cycle Barn
Heart & Dedication
Roll Design
Xstream Composites
Oregon Coast Powersports
Matrix Concepts
Cp Carillo
Works connection
Coffee Barn
ATV Fitness



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