Colt Brinkerhoff AMA National Hare and Hound Pro ATV Race Report

10929013_740881879323130_397787639977950813_n1AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 1 DMC 2015

Lucerne, CA

Oh boy, where do I begin with this race? The week of the race, I was still waiting on important parts for my new “Rat Rod” theme race quad build. I had my buddies, President and Vice President of Fasst Company coming through to help me with it, I would have been screwed without them! Big thanks to my girlfriend Rachel for keeping me sane on those late nights helped more than she knew. It was rough only getting a total of six hours of sleep in 2 days; I probably looked like Silas Roberts by the end of it all… Hey Jack! The Rat Rod turned out sick and everybody liked it! It received over 20,000 likes from regrams and sharing on the web, so yeah, Great Success!

I loaded up Friday morning around 3AM to get to my Dirt Wheels photo shoot with the main editor Cain Smead. I was rocking out to some hardcore stuff (Taylor Swift’s “1989” album) to stay awake. I made it an hour early and caught up on some sleep, I had my trusty 1911 with me just in case a drifter stopped by to try and get fresh… Cain and the boys showed up and we shot for a couple hours. I can’t wait, it sounds like we got the cover for the May issue of Dirt Wheels! I headed on down the road to the race site and get some sleep. After a 12 hour sleeping period, I woke up and did some testing and double check everything on the quad. I was satisfied with everything and got ready for the ever impending battle on Sunday.

Race day!

I woke up had a quick breakfast, I needed to get to the start so I could run the bomb. Getting a start in the dusty ass desert is key to winning races. Hey Jeff Emig, you can use that “Supercross Key to the Race” this weekend if you want, Gerald… The bomb was rough, long and dusty. Not many good lines at all but I found one that I knew would work and stuck with it. I headed back to fuel up and get everything in line. I felt decent just low on sleep. I rode to the bomb and got my spot; now it was time to wait. Each line of dirt bike swept the desert floor, engulfing the valley with dust. It was the perfect day, with a great breeze that kept us cool but not great for keeping other riders at bay with a dust cloud. It was our turn to go; we had our rider’s meeting and headed to the quads. There was a rider down so we had to wait until the bomb was clear. I was talking to Jose Torres when the two minute warning came out, then about 30 seconds later they were signaling us to start our quads. Rachel was telling me to get my helmet on and get ready to roll. I hurried and did so, started my quad and quickly shut it down. The banner is up; I can feel the wind rushing through my vented Klim gear. The wind was pushing the banner backwards, making it easy to see when the course workers would drop it. IIMG_27291 saw a flicker of movement of them trying to drop it forward, I kicked the starter down and my Moto-Xperts engine fired first kick. I was off and in the lead quickly. My bike wasn’t setup the best but I just kept pinning it, I got into some big whoops which allowed Jeremy Gray to get a head of me. I knew I couldn’t let off; I needed to get ahead! I was pounding the whoops, trying to be a hero, I finally hit a fast wash and pinned it past Jeremy! We funneled into a tight uphill rocky wash and I was able to pull a gap. I had a good pace but thought I kept hearing someone behind me but there wasn’t anyone there. I would find out why in a few miles.

We made it to the first check as I was waiting there I noticed that my engine was making more noise than a pack of gorillas in mating season. Jeremy was now behind me; I took off and it was a short battle. Jeremy jumped in front of me as I rode in his dust, I tried to remount a charge but my engine was getting louder. I had to make a decision, either keep the pace and blow it up or ride around 50% to get points. I went with the latter and backed down. Beau Baron got around me and a little while later Nick Destout passed me for third. I rode conservatively and came in with a 4th place Pro ATV and 4th place overall. Not a bad day at all and I was happy to have points. Come to find out my main bearing went out on my crank, not sure how I made it the rest of the way, must have had some guardian angels looking out for me!

I really can’t thank all of my sponsors below for pulling threw on my quad and for all the continued support! I’ll be ready for round 2!

Fasst Company, Western Designs, AMSOIL/, Maxxis Tires, Moto X-Perts, Dirt Fiend Racing, Elka Suspension, Teixeira Tech, Rad Manufacturing, My Pakage, Klim Gear, Sidi Boots, Sockracy, FW Carbon, Rebellious Status Clothing, Lone Star Racing, Streamline Brakes, AME Grips, Fastway, CRF Skid Plates, VGR, FMF, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Hot Rods, Vertex Pistons, Rath Racing, Glann Innovations, Works Connection, Adam McGill, Hinson Racing, Syphon Sound, Static Flow Media, Reel Cameras, Goldspeed Wheels/GPS Offroad Products, Eks Brand Goggles, Tire Blocks, Sprocket Specialists, Maier Plastics, Pit Traffic, PNP Supplements, IMS Products, Leatt, Val Brinkerhoff Racing Stables


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