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Getting your ride all purrdy and getting new gear is part of what keeps you excited about racing during the off season, right? Everyone loves spicing their quad up with new parts, bad ass graphics, and trying on their state-of-the-art protective gear. Now, once you get it Facebook and Instagram worthy, you have to keep up appearances while at the track for your sponsors. Also, keeping your beast clean is better for maintenance. I am going to give you, in no particular order, 5 must haves to put in your race rig to keep you and your steed fresh.

Stating the obvious, you need a pressure washer. I recommend Landa. We have never had an issue with either of our gas or electric units. Personally, I find gas or diesel powered more convenient. You aren’t always going to be at a track or campground with power hook-ups. They also tend to have higher PSI. Electric pressure washers are more affordable, can be more compact, and still get the job done. There is always the option of asking around to borrow one. The quad community is usually pretty friendly (unless water is limitied). Know the track’s rules as some have specific wash stations or areas they don’t want you washing at. Find a Landa dealer near you at

Simple Green is a wonderful cleaner-degreaser that is also environmentally friendly! It is quite convenient to mix your preferred ratio into a weed sprayer. This saves a lot of time and hand fatigue. You don’t want to end up with arm pump because you spent ten minutes spraying everything down with a small trigger bottle. Save yourself and the planet by using Simple Green!

Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, 1 Gallon Bottle

Here is one that will not only keep you shining out there, but will have you smelling cherry too. SC-1 silicone spray is a must! Spray your quad, helmet, and boots down before you rally for a bright start and super easy clean off. SC-1 prevents the dirt from latching on, and Simple Green cuts through it for a quick spray off. I know it smells good, but don’t inhale too much or you’ll be doing a different kind of flying high. Also, don’t spray anything you wouldn’t want slick. Like your seat or grips.

Maxima SC1 Silicone Spray – 12oz. 78920

If you want to save yourself the annoyance of water flying back into your face while trying to pressure wash your packed rear wheels, then you definitely want some mud plugs. Not only do they make cleaning those wheels and hubs easier, but they help prevent the wobbles. We like to go a cheaper route than the name brand plugs by using air brake diaphragms. Easy install and removal. We haven’t lost one yet.


IMG_7657This is a cool and innovative cleaning aid. The WashMate. This product has brought ease to cleaning off your helmet, boots, and chest protector. Stake it into the ground next to your wash area, hang your gear on it, and pressure wash that dirt right off. No more flooding your boots or having back splashed ground debris all over your fresh wash job. Website is currently under development, but if you just have to order one now get a hold of Friesen Racing at



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