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Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report Final Round of National Hare and Hound

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Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report
AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 10 100 MC’s

Lucerne, CA – I was really excited to head down to the 7th layer of hell, Lucerne.Skyler and I loaded up from Fasst Company HQ in Washington, UT andjetted to Cali. I always hear that Biggie Smalls song Going back to Cali” thumpin in my head on race weekends, it’s a good feeling. We arrived late, spoke the Blais crew and hit the hay. I stayed on the floor of the van and it felt like I was sharing a bunk in prison cell. My head was in cubby hole, I had about 4×4 of room and I have a big head, so this was really comfy. I woke up around 4AM to take a leak. As I was doing so, I heard a pack of coyote’s to my back howling into the night. It was unsettling like eating a Chipotle burrito so I got back in the van and shut the door. We awoke to a great day for some testing, low winds and great temps reaching into the high 70’s. I got the quad all dialed in with the help of Chris Blais and had a good time chatting it up with everyone. The wind came and it was a disaster for a bit trying to get the kids some candy and hot dogs provided by Patty Blais. Everyone had a great time and we headed for bed. Knowing I had the championship wrapped up, I slept easy.

Race day:
I awoke to a very nice breakfast from one of my other “race families” the Bangerts. I ate and instantly felt great! The race got pushed from the usual 9AM to 11AM since we had the youth race on Sunday as well. I met up my girlfriend Rachel Bosemer and her family to go ride the bomb for line choices. We found a dialed line on the very outside and I was confident I could get the jump on the competition. I went back and added some AMSOIL to the engine and grabbed my Leatt hydration pack. I was ready to GO!

Photo by Grumpy.
Photo by Grumpy.

I headed to the line with Rachel and we got our line choice. It was windy once again but it would be used to our advantage on the start. A steady breeze of dust was blowing to the left of us and onto the other riders. The Pro bike line started and ripped down the line. Row after row of motorcycles was in tow, vying for their spots on top of the box. It was finally our time to go and then we got held up. A motorcycle rider had wrecked bad on the bomb and needed immediate help. The Omni Air Helicopter picked him up and headed to the nearest hospital. I hate seeing this especially before a race, I hope the best for the rider and in his recovery. The two minute warning came and the banner rose. Everything went quiet; I was posed in my gaze, watching closely. I felt like I was 10 feet away from the banner but in reality I was 100 yards away or so. The banner fell, I kicked down on the trusty Moto X-Perts engine and it fired first kick! I was off and into first place quickly! I saw no one else near me on the bomb clicking all the way to 5th gear and wanting more as I was dodging the bushes. It was rough but the Flexx Handlebars were keeping me fresh as I pounded the whoops harder.

I got to a washed out section that was a lot of up and downs that slowed me down quite a bit. My Exit’s were just a tad too soft for that section but I did what I could to keep my speed up. I got to the first check which I believe was around mile 15-20. I turned around and noticed that Nick Destout had now caught up to me. I didn’t look back and just kept clicking away at the course. I started to head up a whooped out sand trail and to my right Nick was right next to me. I clicked another gear and pulled him but got a little sketchy on a G-out, we were then neck and neck again. My heart was pounding and I started to breathe heavily trying to get through the section before him. We crested the hill and he jumped in right in front of me dusting me completely out. I had to pump the brakes so I didn’t crash as I couldn’t see at this point. It settled and I kept him in my sights, I knew if I just kept him in site I could give him another battle at some point. At the rider’s meeting they mentioned there would be a alternate that we would have to take so I kept that in my mind. We got to the faster sections of the course that included a long dry lake bed; I was pumped as I knew I could make time on Nick since my Honda had taller gearing. We then came up a long valley that funneled into a boulder section. In the boulder section I noticed that it looked extremely tight, I didn’t think I could make it through. I had thought I had possibly missed the alternate they were speaking about. I made the decision to turn around and check and see if I had missed something. Checking every sign down the valley for a half a mile or so I didn’t see a alternate route. I’m disappointed in my decision but put my head down and headed back up. Making it through the tight section and finally finding the alternate route a quarter mile later; I was now behind to far to make a come back. I ended up coming in 2nd behind Nick Destout. I am satisfied with finishing after a DNF in the last round of 2013. As a competitor I always want to win but sometimes its not in the cards. My hats off to Nick for the great ride and to Chris Peatross for taking 3rd.

I want to thank everyone that has stood by me and for my sponsors help. You make chasing this dream a reality and a blessing. I can’t wait for the ATV Pro Class for the National Hare and Hound next season to kick off. I’ll be working hard in the off season to make another run at the championship.


Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars, Exit Shocks/ARS-FX A Arms,
AMSOIL/, Western Designs, Maxxis, Rebellious Status
Clothing, Hot Rod Cranks/Vertex Pistons/Pivot Works/Hot Cams, MyPakage
Underwear, Four Werx Carbon, Moto X-Perts, Lonestar Racing, Tire Blocks,
Goldspeed Wheels, Rad MFG, Sprocket Specialists, Fastway Stabilizers,
Klim Gear, Sidi Boots, EKS Brand Goggles, Maier Plastics, DFR Racing,
Precision Nutrition Plus, Streamline Industries, A’ME Grips, Rath
Racing, Static Flow Media, Campbell Racing Skid Plates, DT1 Filters,
Hinson, Works Connection, Geralds MC,, Leatt, Val
Brinkerhoff Racing Stables, Top The Podium, Reel Cameras

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