Product Review – Moose Sahara Racewear

When it comes to vented riding gear, it’s hard to find a set that combines quality, good ventilation, and protection. Admittedly, Moose was not the place I thought I would find that exact combination, but when a deal came up that was just too good, I found myself on the fast track to being proven wrong. As it turns out, Moose’s Sahara line is arguably some of the best vented gear on the market. 

This gear features a lot of great ideas that really have the rider in mind. The Sahara pants are like most as far as basic construction. There are stretch panels, leather panels on the inside of the knee and so-on. What stands out about them is the lightweight material that makes up the entire pant. There are multiple layers of mesh, with a comfortable inner lining and a very durable feeling outer material. However, aside from the stretch panels and the knees, the entire pant is ventilated material. It’s really cool, pun intended.

Another great idea was cutting back large rubber pieces. Many pants have rubber logos and knees stitched into them. While it looks cool, it doesn’t always feel great when riding. Moose made function their number one priority and it shows. Finally, they feature a closure system that is worth applause. As usual it features a durable zipper, but instead of a ratcheting strap, there is just a button. On each side of the pants, there are adjustable velcro straps. This design is more comfortable and reliable than the ratcheting strap. It also offers more adjustability. When you order these pants, they fit to size, and provide a comfortable amount of room.

As for the jersey, it is also completely ventilated. Even the collar is a breathable material. The wrists are relatively open with stretch panels built in. The mesh material of the jersey is extremely comfortable and doesn’t even feel like it’s there. However, it certainly does no feel low quality or prone to fall apart. One thing worth pointing out is that the set tested was white, and the jersey is practically see-through. You’ve been warned. The elbows and forearms are thickly padded with lots of stitching, yet are hardly noticeable. The fitment of the jersey is great, right on point as one would expect. It’s worth noting that this jersey is a bit shorter than most. At 5’11” I have no complaints, in fact I enjoyed having less material to tuck in, but taller riders might have to order a size up. Finally, on the back of the jersey the word “Sahara” is printed in a tacky material similar to what’s found on goggle straps, ensuring that your jersey won’t come untucked.

Riding with the Moose Sahara gear is a whole new experience. As soon as you get rolling, you can feel the air rushing past you. The gear does a great job of not only bringing air in, but pulling hot air out. It does so in a way that makes the air feel cool as it passes over you, even in warm weather. Eventually, it starts to feel normal, and then regular gear doesn’t feel right anymore. Of course, in cold weather, this is not the gear of choice. When it comes to warm weather on the other hand, Sahara gear is the way to go. If you haven’t considered Moose gear, it’s definitely worth a try, especially at just $180 for a full set.

Austin Rohr

Austin Rohr is a twenty two year-old graduate from the University of Washington Tacoma with a bachelor's degree in communications. He writes for Pit Traffic, and has raced on and off since 2015.

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