Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report and 2014 AMA National Hare and Hound Championship Announcement

Colt Brinkerhoff Race Report

AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 8 Silver State Trail Blazers 2014

Panaca, NV

photo-2-9I was so stoked to race a National again after a long summer break. I raced multiple MRAN Night Races along with the BITD Vegas to Reno with my teammate Cody Mitchell. We ended up winning the Night Race Series Championship but losing Vegas to Reno after a long fight with small issues plaguing our race.

After losing that race, along with the DNF in Utah and taking 4th the round before; I was hungrier than ever for a win! I was a little behind and a little stressed out waiting for the head of my engine to arrive from Moto X-Perts. I sent it into Toby for a service and a few more go fast parts. I received it Wednesday and not being too confident in putting my new Vertex piston in, I called on my buddy Tracon Kirk to come over and help. He put the piston in and cylinder on along with helping with the front Tire Blocks installation. I said it was cool for him to go as I left the head back at the office and needed to go get it. I then called Bundy Inc. (Bryon Bundy) to help me finish buttoning it up so I could try to get decent sleep that night. Everything was going well until I tried to turn the engine over with an allen wrench and it locked up on me. I’m sure the look on my face was one of pure enjoyment, like I wanted to punch an elderly man in the lips. So, we messed with it a little longer and called it a night.

Skyler Howes came in and installed my new Dirt Fiend Racing “Tank” Graphics, which he did a great job on! I called Tracon up and I headed over to his dad Brent Kirk’s shop so he could fix my glorious “F” up. We found out the cam chain was basically in a knot and had a new one installed in no time flat. I felt as accomplished as the Obama administration as I failed to put my engine together correctly or efficiently. I couldn’t have done it without the Kirk family’s help! I loaded up, and pinned it to Pioche where I would stay with my girlfriend Rachel Bosemer and her family for the night.

Race Day!

photo-3-6We woke up and headed over to the fairgrounds in Panaca. I still had to add some parts to the quad and look it over to make sure she was golden. Everything looked like Da Vinci had put it together so I rushed over to sign up. I then headed back over to fuel the quad and get ready for the riders meeting. We had an escort to the start which was 5 miles away but we were a little late getting out there, we were the last ones getting there but we looked damn good doing it.

I didn’t get a chance to walk the bomb so I just lined up where there appeared to be a wide line. They weren’t having the usual rider’s meeting between the waves of bikes; each row was leaving very quickly. In the back of my mind I knew we would catch the beginners and novice bike classes quickly. The last MC line left and the banner rose, this was my time. I set into my long gaze; the clouds overhead kept encompassing the sun and then leaving it shortly after. My vision was doing some wild things, everything started look pixilated. For a moment, I thought I was in a level of Minecraft. It was probably just the nuclear fallout still in the air from years ago so I assumed it was normal. I saw a flicker of hope as the banner started to fall, my trusty Moto X-Perts engine fired and I was off! I was shifting gears mobbing through washes and didn’t lift the throttle. I got the holeshot!

As expected, I caught the bikes quickly and started making passes when I could. I would rev up my engine to let them know I was there;sometimes I even had to show a tire to the MC riders so they knew I was coming. Not going to lie, it got a little sketchy making passes as the course was very tight and fast. I had to make sure not to cut anyone off in the process. I was running the washes like a stripped ass ape; I just knew I had to keep putting time on my competition.

The course was amazing with high speed washes, trees and rock sections making it interesting the entire time. My Maxxis tires were keeping the traction down to the earth ripping voids in time and space. Near the end of the race I had passed a lot of bikes, some that I knew were two loopers so I was pumped on that! Some sections were pretty rough, which my shock settings from Clint at ZBROZ Racing proved to be butter on the chop. My Flexx IMGP2766-1Handlebars were keeping me fresh from all of the hooners that I was hitting, they never missed a beat. With miles left of the race, we crested a hill that had a lot of ups and downs. I was stuck behind two bikes so I just let them do their own thing coming down. We all hit the valley floor and pinned it. A few hundred yards from there it was the first mud hole, not wanting to join the cast of Swamp People I opted to go around it. A little after that, we came to a bridge where we would have to pass under it. Each passage was full of mud and water from the immense rain they received a week prior. With no option to go around I went through the middle line, I started off slowly thinking to myself “I got this!” It then got deeper so I held the throttle wide open throwing mud like a boss. The Tank got through no problem and I raced to the finish line.

I had taken first in my class and 1st Overall ATV! I had finished a little over 5 minutes in front of Chris Peatross in second and 6 minutes in front of my buddy Chaz Rushton who took 3rd. With that win, I had secured my 2nd AMA National Hare and Hound Championship in a row! We still have one more round at the end of October in the “beautiful” Lucerne Valley. Looking forward to getting another W to finish out the season.

I really have to thank everyone; family, friends, fans and of course my sponsors that have stood behind me and given me the awesome opportunity to chase my dreams! I am looking forward to a possible 3 Peat Championship next season.



Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars, Exit Shocks/ARS-FX A Arms,Western Designs, Maxxis, Rebellious Status Clothing, Hot Rod Cranks/Vertex Pistons/Pivot Works/Hot Cams, MyPakage Underwear, Four Werx Carbon, Moto X-Perts, Lonestar Racing, Tire Blocks, Goldspeed Wheels, Rad MFG, Sprocket Specialists, Fastway Stabilizers, Klim Gear, Sidi Boots, EKS Brand Goggles, Maier Plastics, DFR Racing, Precision Nutrition Plus, Streamline Industries, A’ME Grips, Rath Racing, Static Flow Media, Campbell Racing Skid Plates, DT1 Filters, Hinson, Works Connection, Geralds MC,, Leatt, Val Brinkerhoff Racing Stables, Top The Podium, Reel Cameras

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