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Colt Brinkerhoff #N1Q National Hare and Hound Round 5 Race Report

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Colt Brinkerhoff #N1Q
AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 5

Johnson Valley, CA

This race is usually the Vikings MC round but after a decision to not put on the race, the National Hare and Hound along with other MC’s stepped up to make it happen. The race was held at Cougar Buttes in Johnson Valley, I’ve never raced in that area but I was told it was fast with rock sections and cross grain whoops. I did some testing before this race to make sure it had feeling good, it’s tough to match the terrain here in Utah to that of Johnson Valley. Everyone that’s raced there before know it can get rougher than Joe Biden’s split ends so I did what I could.  Skyler and I loaded up Saturday morning; it was overcast and some light showers. It didn’t stop Skyler though, he had no shirt and flip flops on… We jetted down the road; I occasionally got up
to urinate in a Gatorade bottle, trying not to let it go all over the sprinter van. To stay active, I would do the occasional twerk while Skyler would get it on SnapChat. Good stuff, Miley doesn’t have anything on me!! We arrived at Cougar Buttes pretty early and imagine this, it was WINDY but the race site was awesome! Huge rocks that I could play on while I was checking over the quad. I felt like I got it to where it needed to be.

Race day:


We awoke to more wind, which can be a blessing with how dry the desert can get. I had some surprise guests show up to battle it out with me. Beau Baron, Matt Hancock and Nick Destout decided to come run the race for the weekend. I was excited to have more competition show up and we’re all good buddies so I knew it would be a fun race! I powered up with my Precision Nutrition Plus supplements and had some breakfast before heading to the line.


I arrived and found a good line through brush and hooners, about 4 other rider’s also wanted that line so I knew I would have to be quick off the start. We had our rider’s meeting and started to warm up the quads. My quad starts right up first kick as always thanks to Chris Blais getting the carb tuned correctly. I was feeling confident knowing I had an advantage on the dead engine starts. The banner rose, as everything slowed down around me. I couldn’t see any person out there; my only focus was the banner. It felt like an eternity, I was trying to control my breathing and not trying to blink. I saw a hint of movement and kicked the starter downward, it started first kick. I was immediately under fire from other rider’s trying to take the main line from me. Luckily I have one of the best head builders in the world, my Moto X-Perts Engine Package ripped past everyone and I was in the lead quickly. I wasn’t challenged for the first 5-10 miles but I knew it could happen at any time. We crested a rocky hill then dropped to the valley floor. I raced across heading straight but ran out of course markings. I stopped to check my surroundings to see where I went wrong, Beau caught up to me along with Nick Destout. Usually when the wind blows hard enough it will rip the ribbon off of the course; this is what happened in this instance. Off in the distance I saw the markings and took off. I had Beau behind me and Nick to the right. Nick was putting in a battle to get past me but couldn’t make it stick. Shortly after
this we were heading up a rocky uphill filled with whoops, I could hear a quad right behind me. It was WORCS Champ Beau Baron sweeping around the left of me for the lead. I trailed his dust and didn’t allow him to get away from me. We got to a huge rock section that went on for a few miles; I was making a few mistakes which allowed Matt Hancock to catch up. I got stuck a few times on some big rocks but managed to keep the quad going. We came to a salt flat and I hammered down, letting my LSR Exhaust sing through the long valley. I was 5th tapped most of the time and I put a gap on Matt once again. We reached a sandy uphill after a nasty single track full of hooners, once again, Matt was behind me! He got around me on the left and I stayed with him for a few miles.


With the wind, it was hard to distinguish if I was chasing a quad or a bike, it didn’t matter I just kept pushing to make passes. Nick was now behind me, our battle was the best of the race. He would swing wide and try to make a pass and couldn’t make it stick. We raced across a salt flat but I was able to pull him as he darted a little bit off of the main line. It was neck and neck for about a mile as he edged me out going into a left hander. He distanced me but I was able to still see him, riding smart and fast. I came to an up hill after a tight wash when
I noticed a dirt bike rider was stuck on the hill. I couldn’t go around him so I ran up and helped him push his bike to the top. I caught back up to him and made a pass. I could see where we were camped so I knew we were getting close to the finish. I pushed as hard as I could! I got to the split for one loopers and two loopers. I had to stop to double take the situation, there was an off camber rock section that I had to pass through that looked almost impossible. After checking it out I pulled a wheelie into it and the quad tilted into the other rock stabilizing me.
I feathered the clutch and popped out the other side. I had the next obstacle that I handled pretty well and made it to the finish. I ended up with a 4th Place overall for the quads and 4th place in class. It’s not what I wanted, as a former champion, I want to win but you can’t win them all. I am going to regroup and train really hard to get to where I need to be.


Thank you to all my sponsors, family, friends and fans for the support.
You guys are what push me to stay number 1! #teamgerald



Fasst Co./Flexx Handlebars, Exit Shocks/ARS-FX A Arms, Western Designs,
Maxxis, Hot Rod Cranks/Vertex Pistons/Pivot Works/Hot Cams,IMS, MyPakage
Underwear, Reel Cameras, Four Werx Carbon, Moto X-Perts,
Lonestar Racing, Tire Blocks, Goldspeed Wheels, Rad MFG, Sprocket
Specialists, Fastway Stabilizers, VGR, Klim Technical Riding Gear, Sidi
Boots,  EKS Brand Goggles, Maier Plastics, DFR Racing, Precision
Nutrition Plus,  Streamline Industries, A’ME Grips, Rath Racing, Static
Flow Media, Campbell Racing Skid Plates, DT1 Filters, Endevr , Hinson,
Works Connection, Geralds MC,, Leatt, Val
Brinkerhoff Racing Stables



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