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josh1You had an amazing opening round, almost securing the win at WORCS Taft leading all but the last lap. How did it feel to be up on the Pro podium again? It felt great to be on the podium again. I was really nervous coming into the first round with switching to Honda and not being too sure on where I was going to stack up with the top guys. Really stoked on the way the first round ended up.

Why the switch back to Honda? It certainly has fueled a little red vs. blue fire in the fans. Well in past years I had great success on the Honda and I’ve just always felt the most comfortable on that platform and I felt it was time for a change to take it to that next level.  I’ve definitely stirred the pot a little with the blue and red fans, I’ve just always liked there quad and it hasn’t changed since I stopped riding them last so I was excited for a change. 

Tell us about 417 Motorsports. Is this just the name for your program or are you looking to expand in the future to encompass other riders? Well, I’ve always ran number 417 and thought it would be a solid name for our team. I couldn’t be happier with our set up right now. 


You’ve come a long way from your first race in the A class in WORCS at what seems like ages ago. If you could tell Josh Row of years past something about racing, what advice would you give yourself? The best advice I would give myself is to be patient. All great things come in time. I’ve always wanted everything right now, like getting faster, better results. But I’ve noticed that now settling down and learning to have fun and realizing that every lap is better then the last. No matter how rough the track is.

What do you feel is your strongest skill on a quad? Where does Josh Row shine when riding and how is that going to work to your advantage this year? That’s a tough one. I don’t know if it’s a skill, but when tracks seem to get really rough like sand tracks (I love tracks that take timing and flow) I seem to shine late in the race when the track is at it’s absolute worst and everyone is in the mode to just get it to the finish. I haven’t been able to do it yet but I’ve always wanted to pull what I like to call the Josh Frederick. Sitting in 4th or 5th at the halfway mark and then being able to turn it on and pass everything for the win!

Is 2014 your year? I feel like 2014 is my year. I have everyone behind me I need to be on the podium at every round! It’s just time to go out and execute!


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