Interview with Dillon Zimmerman

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How does it feel to finally shake off the gremlins and get a podium at the first round of WORCSIt feels really good to get on the podium at the first round of WORCS, now I just need to be consistent and stay focused and it should be a great year.

That red CanAm plastic seemed to house all the gremlins. Will you be sticking to yellow the rest of the year? Yes I went with red last year just to be different, but I guess my Can-Am wasn’t feeling the red, so we changed it back to yellow one race and I got on the podium. After that I said no more red!

What’s your plan of attack for the next rounds of WORCS to keep yourself on the box? My plan for the next WORCS race took place last week in the gym and on the bike. I just got to stay focused, keep pushing myself and take it one race at a time. Not to mention all the testing I have been doing with JRI shocks has helped a lot with how much longer I am able to ride race pace.

Dillon at an AZOP race in Arizona before the WORCS opener at Taft.

Primm is a mess of whoops and dust. What do you find is the best way to approach this race? Yeah, Primm is always a sandy mess of whoops. I think the best way to approach this race is to stay hydrated and having a good suspension set up is key. It is a very fast track but by the second or third lap you won’t be able to go fast if your suspension isn’t set up right.

Do you feel different this year as far as your race program goes, or is this always the program you’ve had, but the stars just haven’t aligned? I feel there is something different about me this year. I feel like the old Dillon is back and stronger than ever. Sometimes a bad year can make for a great next year, but my program is getting better and better with Can-Am backing me up, JRI Shocks, and Goldspeed products I couldn’t ask for much more! I feel I have the best set up on the track and is more confident on my Can-Am than I have ever been in the past. All my sponsors are great and I do my best to give back what I can with podium finishes.

Is this your year to secure a WORCS championship? Yes, I feel that it is very possible, but I hate saying that it is after only one podium finish. Ask me half way through the season and hopefully I will have more podium finishes to be able to give you a championship answer.

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This is going to be your 15th year racing? Do you still get on-the-gate jitters or are you cool as cucumber out there? Shoot I lost count I have been racing since age of 6 so let me count my fingers real quick! [Laughs] Yes, I still get that feeling when the gates are about to drop. That’s what I live for and I love it, but I will say this year I am approaching it all differently and I am not scared to rub tires with anyone out there.

What’s the biggest obstacle you face today, and how are you going to overcome it? The biggest obstacle I face today is the budget I have for racing. A lot of my competition can throw a new motor in the practice bike when they need to or have someone do it for them while they’re in the gym, but when you have to do it all yourself takes a lot of time and money to run a race team. We are all working hard and it is all falling into place and I wouldn’t be where I am today without my main sponsors Can-Am, Goldspeed products, JRI Shocks, Fly racing, JB racing, Precision racing products, FMF and Motul.


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