Joe Byrd School – Iron Mine Race updates

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Darci Hansen takes a minute to clarify and update the information on the Joe Byrd school and JFred benefit racing at Iron Mine:

Specific school times:

  • Gates Open Wed Night, 5pm
  • School Starts Thurs 10am (Joe will run you until 5-6pm)
  • School Ends Friday (between 5-6pm)
 Enduro Blast kicks off with an ATV / UTV Rodeo at 7pm on Friday night
 Note: Joe will start Friday’s school between 8-9 Friday, depending on how tired you are.

I wanted to take just a moment to clear up the possible confusion regarding the Joe Byrd School.Please know that when dates were being tossed around, we were looking for the optimum time to provide this opportunity… the biggest request was to wait until most of the racing seasons were over. Thus, the final date we selected.

When we selected that date, I thought it would be a brilliant (to be determined) idea to bring to fruition a combination style race bringing all quad racers together but allowing them to choose mx, grand prix, or both. The benefit to Joe’s school attendees would be that they could actually use their skills immediately. To increase the value for our school attendees, Iron Mine would comp your track expenses (camping and gate fees) and race fees, an additional $100 value (plus all you save not having to travel to a race). This would also help compensate those who had to miss a day of work financially to enjoy the 4 days of riding.
Anyone who knows our family knows that my life has been dedicated to humanitarian causes. It would be within my nature to, if we were going to create a race, not do it for profit but rather for purpose – thus the event: Enduro Blast Benefiting The Josh Frederick Foundation

When our friend Shawn Strong, Epic Moto, heard we were trying to do something for a cause, he offered to combine forces by having Iron Mine add 3 bike classes to the afternoon grand prix event thus providing more donations for the foundation. This long winded explanation is to say, that in the effort of just holding a school, I wanted to create an experience. Your attendance inspired me to do so much more than to just unlock my track for you. My apologies if the lack of coordination on my part has effected your choice of whether to attend or not.

I have seen Joe Byrd’s school 3x’s now. I have seen him work with riders – I know a LOT of ATV pros – a lot… What Joe does is exceptional. If you were considering attending I ask that you consider all of the above, the value, and the cause.
Joe will indeed run 2 full days of school AND will assist anyone who cannot arrive Wednesday night (we will open the track for you to arrive Wed night) or Thursday by 10am, in catching up with what may have been missed during the evening time.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will choose to be a part of what we’ve created…with you in mind.
Please call me if i can answer any further questions.

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