Pont Du Vaux

There are a lucky few who can travel from the U.S. to France to participate in the Pont du Vaux. Doug Eichner was the first American to win this grueling endurance race and went on to win it a total of 7 times. After his retirement the Can-Am team stepped in to try their hand at the race the last few years.

The event takes place in August – this year’s on the dates of the 30th, 31st, and September 1st. This 12 hour race is more of an “event” – with a vendor expo and BMX, Snowmobiles, bike and quad freestyle areas. There’s also wine tours and other attractions offered in nearby vineyards. The Maxxis sponsored event expects over 100 teams from more than 20 countries to race this year’s Pont du Vaux. The GP style start requires racers to start in front of their quads, across the track, run and start them, and take off. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Check out an official video of the PDV and watch for some of your favorite racers to head over the Atlantic and into France for the “ATV Capital of the World” in August of 2013. #merica

MONDIAL DU QUAD DE PONT DE VAUX – 2012 from Lines Up Prod. on Vimeo.

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