Quick 5 with Collins Webster

Many people recognize Collins Webster for his WORCS career. In 2007 he joined the series and in 2011 he decided it was more than just a hobby. He won the Pro-Am championship in 2011 and then followed it up last year with a 2nd in the championship run. He was also on the Can-Am team that claimed the Baja 1000 victory in 2012. Cweb started racing at 16 and claimed a BITD championship early with veteran desert and WORCS racer Cody Mitchell. Now, in 2013, Collins has stepped into the Pro class to prove his mettle at the highest rank. We caught up with him to get some quick answers about his career.

This is your first year in the Pro class of WORCS. How did you come to the decision to step up into the Pro ranks? Well I knew I was going to need to move up. You get to the point where you need to raise the level of competition. WORCS also kind of forced the issue a little bit as well.

What’s the difference between racing and being a fast Pro-Am rider and racing and being a fast Pro rider? It’s quite a bit different for me. My training and program as a whole is changing to adapt to this level of racing. What worked for me in the past years now has to be taken up a notch.

What goals do you have for the 2013 season and how are you going to achieve those goals? This year my goals are to podium races. I’ve had a rough start to the season but won’t quit til I exceed my goals.

Who or what keeps you focused when you meet a challenge? I have a good network of friends and family involved in my program. Everybody works hard to keep me going. Everyone’s hard work keeps me motivated along with my desire to win and be successful.

Describe where you fit in the dymanic of WORCS Pros. Pretty much everyone on the line has raced with each other for somewhere around 5 years and you are no stranger either. What’s it like to race with people you know so well? Are their advantages or disadvantages? I think there are some advantages. You get to know the riders and learn their strengths and weaknesses. As far as where I fit in as a pro rider I’m still working to define that this year. I think I can spice up the class a little bit maybe make it a little more exciting.


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