Inside Team Pro-ATV with Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has been around racing for a long time and this year has formed Team Pro-ATV with Josh Edwards and Britney Latimer to compete in all kinds of racing in the Southwest U.S.A. Matt gave us an inside look at what the team has planned for this year and you can follow the team on Facebook as well (check out the bottom of the post).

Hancock, Edwards, Latimer’s bikes all lined up at WORCS rd 2 in Primm, NV.

You really stepped it up this year creating a 3 rider team to compete at a lot of events. What was the inspiration for this decision and what kind of team goals do you have for 2013? This year our teams’ 3 riders includes myself, Josh Edwards, as well as Britney Latimer. We are planning on doing WORCS, Best in the Desert, possibly the SCORE Baja races, as well as select Quadcross events. As you can see from our plans we have a big year and hope to be very successful in all that we do. Our team inspiration is to promote our shop Pro Motorsports and to make it grow into a very successful company. Our shop based in Phoenix, Arizona is where all of our race prep is done and where our team is based. We have many years of racing experience in our shop and think that us creating our own team was a very logical thing to do. We are planning for a lot out of our team for this season, hoping to bring home many championships from various series.

You are a younger rider with a lot of racing experience and knowledge. With the difficulties of managing a team and yourself racing, how have you set yourself up for success in 2013 so as not to be overwhelmed? I can’t take credit for being the only one that deals with all of the racing stuff for our team. I don’t have much time to spend working with the racing during the week as I keep myself pretty busy with school. My teammate Josh Edwards, is a big part of making our program successful. Josh builds all of the quads as well as the SxS. He has been wrenching on my bikes for a long time and is really good at what he does! We receive a lot of support from my dad to keep us racing and with his help, along with our other sponsors’ help this allows us to be at a large number of races throughout the season. With all of the help from everyone that is a part of our team it helps make things run a lot smoother.

What event or events are you most looking forward to this year? You have a pretty full schedule between the three of you. We plan to be in a lot of places this year racing. A big portion of our racing will be focusing on the WORCS that travels all across the West coast. Our team has riders in 5 different classes at the WORCS races. Even with a majority of the racing becoming closed-course type racing we still love desert racing more than anything. Our desert racing plans for this season include racing the Arizona and Nevada series of Best in the Desert in the Pro quad class, as well as possibly racing the SCORE Baja races. Even though our focus will not be on these series, we will be going to select Quadcross and Arizona Off-Road Promotions races. Between all of these races we are kept busy running our store and preparing for the upcoming races.

Tell us a little bit about your SxS racing plans. You got a podium at the WORCS opener, correct? This season we have decided to race a Polaris Razr 570 in WORCS. There are a few other racers that have decided to race the 570’s this year as well and we are racing in the Production 700 class. The first race at Canyon raceway was a wet and muddy mess. I ended up with a 3rd place finish at that race. I was hoping to come out on top, but can’t win them all. We were able to find out a few things about our Razr that needed to be changed for the upcoming races. With this being our first time racing the Razr, we hope to have all the kinks worked out and come out ready to win at the upcoming races.

Photo by Qj’s Imaging

With as many racers doubling as ATV riders and SxS drivers, do see the SxS overtaking the focus of the industry more than it already has? Why did you choose to race both this year? Yes, I see a majority of the industry shifting toward the SxS racing. With the number of SxS each round growing, the industry is bound to go in that direction. This is a big reason in why we decided to race a SxS this season. With our shop Pro Motorsports we work on many different types of play toys, and a large portion of that being the SxS’s. We are trying to help and make our shop known by as many people as we can to help it grow. It’s just a perk for it to be really fun to do! o check out and Like our Pro Motorsports Facebook page to keep up with all of our racing this season as well as all of the great deals from our shop. We have a complete online store at, we have great prices!!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for the support. Pro Motorsports, Maxxis, Elka Suspension, Lonestar, Moose Racing, Fasst Co., LKH Farming, TireBlocks, Quad-tech, IMS, TCS, GPS Offroad Products, Powermadd, Hinson, Works Connection, Streamline, RPM, Uni Filters, SSI graphics,, and Crossfit fury.

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