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At the last minute the financing for the 2013 series of Quadcross Northwest fell through leaving racers from Washington, Oregon, Canada, and more places in a bit of a pickle! And not the kind with a motor. The series is NOT canceled, but it is in need of funding to make sure this year is successful. After a few donations from the community members and aggressive sponsorship requests from us here at Pit Traffic, things are looking up, but the series is not official yet, and we only have a week left to get things going.

So How can you help?

Visit and donate to the cause via PayPal (or message them on Facebook to send a check)!

Or visit the PitTraffic store on Facebook to buy some support stickers, or a support sticker pack.

Every donation pushes us a little further to our goal. This has been the most promising ATV racing series the Northwest has ever seen and has the potential to surpass other regional MX series in turnout. The quad community is a community and together we can propel ourselves out of single-track series and second-class practice sessions, and into the series we deserve – into a series we create. But it isn’t going to happen without support. Skip the energy drink or coffee for one day and kick in $5, drag a friend to the track with you, and above all



Megan grew up riding quads and got involved with the racing community in 2004, creating in 2005. A lifelong love of motorcycles keeps her involved, while her two small kids keep her very busy.

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