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Dillon Zimmerman is relying on GPS Offroad Products this year to give him the traction he needs to get out front.

Seth Fargher, marketing director of GPS Offroad Products, recently sat down and answered some questions about the products and the company. The new tire and accessory company launched just a few months ago, with the big reveal happening just before the WORCS race in January. With many riders in various classes lining up on the company’s choice tires, they have obviously found lines of product that work. With the launch of successful atv-related businesses on the decline, we turned to Seth for some insight on GPS and what they provide. Find out what makes this company different, how they got their name, and what their plans for the future include and why this is good for you, the rider!

So tell us about these Goldspeed and Sun F tires. With all other tire manufacturers for ATV and SxS users, what gap does GPS fill with these products? ATV users fit in a handful of specific niches. There are hardcore racers who know what works and won’t compromise for anything. A lot of those people love Goldspeed and we’ve heard time and time again that Goldspeed makes some of the greatest performing motocross and offroad tires on the market. Then there’s those people on a tight budget who need quality tires but can’t afford to replace them every race. They need a quality tire at a low cost and that’s where Sun F comes in. Sun F’s manufacturing facility is pretty spectacular and they put a ton of time and energy into product development. While the name may be relatively unknown, they’ve actually been private labeling tires for some major ATV and UTV industry companies for some time. Chances are very good if you race, you’ve already been racing on a Sun F tire with someone else’s name on it. We are simply helping them bring some credibility to their name and helping racers see that they can get a quality, premium MX or XC tire for a very low cost. Offering both product lines gives folks TONS of footprints to choose from and the option of having a premium high dollar race tire or a quality low cost option.

Where does the name GPS Offroad Products come from? Its actually kinda cool. We originally came up with the name Global PowerSports Tire or GPS Tire. The more we got to thinking about it, we realized we were kind of boxing ourselves in to build a brand around tires alone. As we started adding more pieces to the puzzle and realizing that we would be offering wheels and other products we decided to go with “Offroad Products” because it covers just about anything we might decide to sell. Fortunately we made the switch early on and not after we’d built up a brand focusing on tires alone.

As a start-up in a fairly deep industry, how is GPS going to stand out and “make a splash” to get people to notice their products? Well Ty Zimmeran and I both have deep connections within this industry so that helps. I hear people almost daily mention how they’ve liked working with him in the past so as they find out he’s doing something new, a lot of people just want to be involved. This day and age, so much personal touch is lost and we want to stay away from that. We want to set the standard for customer service in the industry and hopefully people feel good about doing business with GPS Offroad Products. And then there’s always price. We set our pricing structure up to be able to offer one of, if not the lowest price in the industry. No we’re not selling all of the big name brands but I think once people start putting time in on the Sun F tires, they will quickly find that they’re comparable to almost anything on the market at a much lower price.

The warehouse before their grand opening was being stocked with UTV and ATV tires. GPS now carries dirt bike tires as well.

Is GPS running any kind of sponsorship for the 2013 season? It’s tough when you are a new company, but at the same time we want to support the sport and take care of people. We do have a support program and we’ve got a handful of top pros running our various products.

What’s the biggest challenge the company is faced with? Well depending on the day it seems more like technical difficulties ranging from the printer freaking out to getting internet and phones set up. It’s no wonder so many business fail in the first year. You spend all your time arguing with tech support just to get your office set up instead of doing the things that are making you money. That’s probably been the biggest headache but now the biggest challenge is just getting the word out. I think people are skeptical of another overseas tire manufacturer being introduced, but I’m confident that when they try the Sun F tires, they will be pleasantly surprised. It will just take some time for the word to get out.

How did GPS decide to carry Goldspeed and Sun F products? We wanted to be able to offer products for any and all of the niche industries and between the 2 companies we’ve got them pretty well covered. Goldspeed meets the demands of the people wanting a high performance race tire and Sun F has everything from inexpensive, long lasting, OEM replacement tires to premium offroad and racing tires. We really believe that we’ve got something for everyone no matter what their preference or riding style.

Nic Granlund is racing on GPS products for the 2013 season. Here he is at the WORCS opener.

Why should riders choose GPS and their products? Cost, quality and customer service. I truly think people will be blown away by the different tires and compounds that we have available. When you choose GPS Offroad Products, you’re working with a team of people who are passionate about the industry. We’ve got years of experience ranging from recreational trail riding to full blown factory racing. We have pro and pro-am riders available to test the products we sell to make sure they are top of the line.

What kind of expansion would the company like to take on in the future? More tires and wheels, other types of ATV products, or maybe just advancing the products from the companies you’ve already partnered with? Great question. We are currently in the process of developing our own GPS tire line and introducing some completely new foot prints. We definitely have plans of adding other offroad products and actually just got a stock of dirtbike tires in this week. We’ve been talking to some suspension companies about offering their products and are exploring the best way to introduce that. Another goal is to have an East Coast facility to allow us to better service the Midwest and Eastern United States. Because we offer free shipping on all orders over $99, having an East Coast facility will decrease the shipping cost as well as shorten the delivery time.

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