Get the Holeshot – Tips from Phil Oppen

Phil’s monster holeshot at Albany. Photo by Miranda Williams

Phil Oppen has a mean holeshot, and everyone knows holeshots give you an undeniable advantage – you’re out front first and if people are going to get around you, they are going to have to work for it. Having a clear field in front of you makes turning faster laps a breeze! Here are some tips from Phil so you can get yourself out front first.

Photo by Miranda Williams

1. When you are on the line, wait until the very last second to pull in your clutch – so you don’t overheat it – and shift into gear.

2. When you leave a concrete pad, you can’t just dump the clutch and go because you’ll lose traction by spinning out. You have to feather the clutch until you feel yourself hook up, and then you can dump it and go.

3. Look at the pin if you can, which takes some practice. Otherwise, I just look at the top of the gate and when it twitches just GO!

4. There’s a trick to the first turn also. Wait until you hear everyone else slow down before you slow down, but this can be tricky. You don’t want to blow throw the turn by going too fast.

5. Lastly, “Clear your mind and watch the gate!”'


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