I remember a time back in high school when I really didn’t care to do any sort of writing. Times have changed for me and now, topic dependent I must add, I really enjoy it. Writing about moto has really brought a new light to writing for me. I’m sitting in class right now thinking about the months that have passed since indoor ended. I remember riding indoor thinking that I couldn’t wait until I got outside and was able to really open it up. Now that its here, I couldn’t be happier.

The first round of Quadcross Northwest went awesome up at Woodland MX, winning both the Pro Am and Pro classes. Knowing that I needed a little bit more fitness, I went to work after we got home. Since then, I have been training day in and day out, running, cross training on the dirt scooter, and doing a number of core cardio and plyometric exercises. I wanted to come into the second round really prepared and fit. Saturday at Horn Rapids went well. I won the Pro Am class and felt really well going into the Pro qualifying. Jorie Williams was really on it and I knew that I would have to put in a hot lap. After seeing that he went faster than the laps I ran, I went out with only a lap to spare in qualifying and ended up going about a second and a half quicker. For me, it was awesome because the confidence boost was all I needed to ensure my mindset of where I needed to be; which was on the top step of the podium.
The first moto I ended up getting a less than pleasing start, about sixth, but made my way to second by the end of the second lap. With Jorie leading, I watched his lines for several laps, and then made a pass and began to push. I ended up opening a decent gap for about three laps, only to have a mechanical issue, leaving me stuck in third gear for the remainder of the moto. Once my bike started locking up, I had to leave the door open for Jorie to come by. I saw that I could stay with him for the final laps, and made an attempt to pass him back before the finish but wasn’t able to get it done. If there is one thing I love, its winning, but I hate losing more, especially when it isn’t my fault. The second moto I was forced to ride my backup bike and ended up having a similar issue. After a clutch issue, I charged from last back up to second, only to see Jorie back in the lead. The kid was riding awesome all weekend and I have to give it up to him. Team Swagmoto is in good hands!

Round three is about a month away now, so we really have to get things back together and prepped for Spokane. I’m really looking forward to riding there, the track really is epic. After that, its on to some of my favorite tracks. This series is going to be an awesome one, and with Swagmoto at the track, why wouldn’t you go?

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